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Hello Epoxy Pros – 

We’d like to thank all of you who shared your Expressions of Thanks. Your stories and experiences are inspirational and motivating – and we appreciate your spirit and initiative! Thanks taking the time to write, and now without further adieu, here are your Expressions of Thanks

I am thankful for roof over my head, food on my table, and money in my pocket. I have a job, and Insurance. I have had 3 grand babies born this year and 2 have severe heath issues but they are alive. My parents are still living. Am able to see the sun rise and set and the beauty of a full moon. Thank you for all you all do and how caring your staff is.

~Shari Robinson

I am thankful for my family and for my crafting escapes…Pro Marine Supplies me with an outlet…as a paramedic 2020 has been rough…I worry about my patients my health my family getting sick…but my outlet is making things…and Pro Marine keeps me making things!

~Betsy Meeks

Hi Pro Marine!! My name is Emily Aucoin, I am a crafter and small business owner from Morgan City, La. I’m most thankful this season, not only for my family and health, but that my businesses have remained steady despite COVID getting in the way…I graduated cosmetology school from home due to quarantine, have begun working, and am still blessed to have people come to me for tumblers, and Pro Marine has been by my side as my epoxy of choice through it all!! Thank you for having such an amazing product!! Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!

~Emily Aucoin

2020 has been challenging. Throughout the year, many have had to adjust and make sacrifices. I am a recent graduate, graduating with my MBA of International Business from SUNY Empire State Collage in December 2019. I made the decision to walk during the winter commencement rather than waiting until May 2020 which would have undoubtedly been cancelled due to COVID-19. Following my graduation, I accepted a new position at a financial institution and nearly 2 weeks after finishing my training – was sent to work from home due to concerns with COVID-19. Many people have faced such hard times with the schools making changes, teachers working from home, businesses forced to shut down. There was a period where I didn’t know if I would be retained given, I was only in my position for 4 weeks. I ultimately prepared myself for not knowing if I would have a job. It had been 9 months and I am very thankful that I was retained. I have had the opportunity to assist those impacted by COVID-19 and will continue to do so until the world returns to normalcy. With the holidays approaching, I am even more thankful that my loved ones are with us and that we can be together – while part of my family will be with us through video chat due to traveling restrictions. I am very grateful and looking forward to better days ahead.

~Erin VanDresar

I’m thankful this season for the ability to create! It’s been a looooong season of being home and limited in opportunities to gather. This enforced time of separation has led to more opportunities to create. I have tried new art techniques and made some wonderful art. My epoxy skills have certainly grown as well and that makes me happy. Thankful for this ability to grow in my craft!!

~Rhoda Bohr

While I am most thankful to have the health of my family and a roof over our heads with food on our table in light of a pandemic; I am personally thankful to this pandemic for causing the layoff of a job which engulfed me physically and emotionally, and forced me to start my own personal business, Sherry Sipps – taking a hobby that I had no time for and beginning a new career. Best part, it was my kids that created the name of my business and started my social media. Thanks to Pro Marine for the glass finishes on my cups!

~Sherry Strunks

This year has been anything but normal. It could be difficult to find something for which to be thankful or grateful.
My life, like everyone else’s, was busy. Always running in many directions. My husband and I are both involved with Masonic Family activities. Many nights he was going one direction awhile I was headed the other way.
Due to meetings and events being cancelled, it gave us time to slow down and reconnect. I’m grateful for this difficult time taking us back to a slower time. A time where family time was in the forefront.
In a nutshell, I’m grateful this crazy year has given me a slower lifestyle that I was missing. Thank you,

~Linda Youse

I’m thankful that my family has been healthy and safe during everything that has gone on this year. I’m also thankful that my husband is considered an essential worker and has been able to work all year.

~Jacquelyn Thompson

It’s been a weird, rough year, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have things to be thankful for! Think of all the tough things we’ve been through and have come out the other side stronger with more determination to become better and more united. For me personally, I am thankful that I have a job that allows me to work remotely. I save on commute time, gas, and can use that commute time to now work on projects around the house or my epoxy/resin business!

For 2021, I look forward to new challenges that I can learn and grow from. Something I heard someone say recently was “Be brave, not perfect” and I think that is going to be my motto for 2021!

~Jess Anderson

I am very thankful my children are healthy. Even though they are adults. They are so very supportive of the new Epoxy business I started this year. During the national quarantine, I was able to endure the hardships as I learned how to become a professional with epoxy.
I am thankful I have been able to create the most amazing kitchen and bathrooms for customers in my community. These are trying times, and my community has been very supportive.
As the quarantine lifted, the request I received for new countertops amazed me. I am able to add a little of my personality into everything I make.
Thank you ProMarine for your next day deliveries. It has been a life saver. I love your products and cannot wait to try your new deep pour epoxy, as I have my first river table request.
I hope all have a safe and wonderful holiday season in these difficult times.

~Michelle Anderson, Countertop Elixir, Lake Isabella, MI

2020 came on like a ton of bricks. As everyone knows, it was scary and lonely and uncertain every single day. My son stayed home with me while I worked from home, but my husband and father still had to go to work. My dad is a COPD and emphysema sufferer so every day I feared getting a phone call.

On top of that, my little sister who had tried for years to get pregnant succeeded in October of 2019 with assistance of IVF from fertility treatments here in NY. After her treatments she went back home to Florida and waited. Out of the 6 eggs that were salvageable, one stuck. She was told that the first attempt rarely sticks and not to get her hopes up. So, for the first half of 2020 we waited on eggshells.

She had to continue working as a hostess to keep money coming in but feared the world every day, she left her house. It was a very shaky few months and being so far away doesn’t help either. She had her doctor appts and had to go into the hospitals for checkups so often.

I worried for her and my father daily. From inside my house. Where all I knew was what Gov. Cuomo told us on his daily briefings. I lost all motivation to craft and I cried daily. My son asked why he couldn’t see his friends or family and all I could say was “there’s bad germs, we can’t go out there.” My heart still breaks thinking of how hard those months were.

But July 9, 2020, my sister went into labor. Her and her husband alone were in the hospital in Florida and we just waited and waited for updates and my beautiful, amazingly strong baby sister (29) gave birth to her miracle baby. He made her whole life worth living because all she ever wanted was a child of her own and was told her whole life she’d never get one. He is our 2020 miracle. He is the best thing to come from this awful, scary year.

Due to NY states regulations, we haven’t met Grayson Anthony Volzone yet, but we FaceTime all the time and we send pictures and texts daily. My dad has worked every day during the pandemic as the inspector for the town and the fire Marshall. I respect him so much for not once complaining. My son is in kindergarten and has to wear a mask and stay 6 feet away from his friends and teachers every day; but he gets to see them and to him, that is some sort of normalcy.

I am so thankful for my family and the strength we pulled out of ourselves this year. I pray everyone can find at least one thing to be grateful for this year.

~Madeline Martucci

This season I am thankful for my family’s good health. I am grateful to have my friends, family, and hobbies keeping me going through this long quarantine. I will also be graduating this semester and I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to finish my degree despite everything that happened this year!

~Hayley Elizabeth

I’m so thankful God has kept my family safe and healthy this year. I’m sure next year will can look forward to a brighter future.

~Sandra Layman

I am grateful that God has given me the opportunity to continue offering volunteer service for the Casa Juana Colón organization in Puerto Rico during these months. I’ve been handing out boxes of food to people in need. The town of Comerío, where I live, is one below the poverty level. Despite having been exposed, both myself and my fellow volunteers, to COVID-19, none of us got infected. For that I give thanks, because I was able to fulfill my voluntary service, which is one full of love and brotherhood!

~Enid Alvarez

As a 911 dispatcher, I am thankful for the opportunity that I have to help my community and to be a calm voice in a time of chaos. I am also thankful that I found resin art and pour painting as a way to unwind after a stressful day.

Thank you for making an amazing product for me to work with. I have attached 2 pictures of my latest work (below)…

~Sincerely, Debbie Goldfarb

Epoxy Resin Art
Epoxy Resin Art
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