ENATA Aerospace Antelope Flying Car Concept – manufactured with Sicomin Epoxy Resin

Meet George Jetson…

One of the symbols of future technological advancement has traditionally been the flying car. We’ve been teased with the promise of such as vehicle for decades, and now, it finally seems to be on the horizon as several cutting-edge firms are developing and testing working prototypes. However, questions abound about the practicality and safety of such a vehicle such as pilot license requirements, vertical or horizontal takeoff styles and the need for these craft if self-driving transportation becomes the norm. One thing we here at ProMarine Supplies do know however, is that one of the advanced materials used in their fabrication is epoxy resin…

One such experimental vehicle concept, The Antelope, designed by graduates of London’s Royal College of Art Intelligent Mobility Program; is being manufactured by ENATA Aerospace of specialty epoxy resin supplied by Sicomin Epoxy Systems of France. “ENATA Aerospace has chosen Sicomin’s advanced epoxy laminating systems for the structure of its Antelope flying car,” stated Tom Walker in a, British Plastics & Rubber Magazine piece. “Sicomin’s SR1700 epoxy system was selected, having been specially formulated for the production of high-performance composites such as aerospace applications.”

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“The Antelope is a one-seat, carbon fiber, multi-rotor flying vehicle that demonstrates the ability to hover and tilt to achieve forward motion. ENATA Aerospace (Sharjah, UAE) was selected by the RCA graduates to build the ½ scale demonstrator. The company used ultra-light aerospace materials and techniques to meet the highest quality and tolerancing standards, and to keep the weight to a minimum,” explained Scott Francis, Senior Editor, CompositesWorld in ‘Sicomin provides epoxy resins for ENATA Aerospace flying car concept.’

There has been much news coverage lately about a plethora of flying car concepts, prototypes and even a few working models. Firms such as AeroMobile and Terrafugia are accepting pre-orders for their flying, self-driving cars, with delivery expected for later this year for Terrafugia, and in 2020 for AeroMobile. It will be several years however, before flying cars are ubiquitously plying the skies…

While there are a great many hurdles to work out in the development and safe and practical application of everyday flying cars; we are pleased and proud to be a part of an industry that is involved in such a futuristic, high-tech endeavor!

Meet George Jetson? Why, he’s in the rear-view mirror!

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