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Baseball & Softball are back – Get Your Game On & Exercise Your Creativity too!

Sports Influences Creativity and Creativity Influences Sports. From experience, I know that when writing for instance, outside factors such as physical activity and music greatly enhance the creative process. And the reverse is true as well in that creative endeavors positively affect sports performance – encouraging new ways of thinking and approaches to challenges.

People unwind and manage stress through any number of outlets – some physical and some mental; however, doing one positively affects the other – and both lead to better emotional, psychological and physical well-being. (Of course, we Epoxy Pros prefer both artistic craft creation and project accomplishment satisfaction using epoxy resin)!

Competitive sports, and honing athletic ability combined with the will to win, fosters creative thinking and problem solving. According to Psychology Today, “Sports are more than just fun and games and entertainment for the masses. Fighting to win draws on cooperation, concentration, coordination, and creativity—all goals worth striving for in their own right.”

Find Your Passion – Sports Fuel Creativity

We’ve all heard the phrase “find your passion” when it comes to life, work and other pursuits. Adidas GamePlan A site features sports-themed content about how to enrich your life through athletics, creativity and a “sports-inspired culture.” For instance, “How Athleticism and Sports Can Make You a Better Creative by Orian Tal, delves into “the hidden benefits of breaking a sweat.”

“Sports are inherently conservative since most are composed of rigid movement patterns and modalities that tend to be repetitive in nature. And that is why it isn’t exactly intuitive to consider that sports can make us look at things differently, thereby sparking the creative soul that is within us. (However…)

“A 2014 study performed at Stanford University concluded that we’re 60% more creative when we walk. It’s that simple – you can just walk yourself to a new level of creative thinking. It doesn’t have to be outdoors specifically, by the way – even a simple treadmill walk can help you come up with a ‘Eureka!’ moment.”

The connection between physical activity and creative stimulation is well documented. Walking meetings, also known as meetings on the move, have become a popular way to get the creative juices flowing as movement enhances circulation – both to mind and body – which in turn nourishes the spirit. So, find your creative muse while being on the move!

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