Greetings Epoxy Pros – time for some Epoxy Resin News!

Welcome to our Spring 2020 Newsletter! This issue is focused on several product innovations and announcements as we expand our family of offerings. In the next several months, we’ll be releasing brand new lines of Art Resin and Resin Dyes, along with our reformulated Tabletop Resin – and 2-day Shipping is back. You can check out more details below – and we’ll keep you posted as to when they’ll be available – stay tuned!

Pathway to Spring Story Contest

Before we get into the product updates – a reminder that we’ve recently announced our Pathway to Spring Story Contest. Time to start thinking about those Spring Projects – whether for creative fun – or crossing off the to-do list; we’d like to hear about your epoxy resin project ideas heading into the warmer months. So, please share in about 100 words or so (with images too please) – and we’ll announce the five best entries in early April and send the winners a One Gallon Kit of our ProMarine Epoxy resin!

Please share you story by the end of March (by midnight March 31, 2020) to:

We look forward to hearing from you!

ProMarine Epoxy Resin Product News:

  • Reformulated Tabletop Resin is back – Non-hazmat rated product offering is back on the shelf! This is good news for our Amazon Prime, as well as internal fulfillment 2-day shipping sales and delivery. Our Tabletop/bar Grade Epoxy Resin is used in a host of creative furnishings applications such as decorating bars with pennies or bottle caps and crafting eye-catching river tables. DIY taskers also incorporate tabletop resin in a variety of repair and maintenance chores such as fixing damaged woodwork and furniture.
  • ProArt ProMarine Art Resin is coming soon! Our first foray into an art-specific polymer is due out this spring! ProArt may be used to create artwork, to seal and protect pieces, or both. A variety of paints, dyes, pigments and tints may be added directly to the polymer to create durable and inspirational paintings in a freeform fresco style. Art resin may be used to finish drawings, paintings, photography and other works of art with a protective hard-shell finish. Art resin is a bit thinner than tabletop resin, mixes more quickly, has a longer working time and is easier to manipulate for art projects.
  • And speaking of upcoming product releases – we’ll be featuring a new line of Resin Dyes this spring! We’re in the process of determining which options such as colors, bundling and packaging to bring to market. Initial thinking is to offer dyes in six or ten pack bundles rather than individually for economies of scale and ease-of-ordering. Stay tuned…
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