Spring Contest Entries

Hello Epoxy Pros…and Happy Spring!

While the temperatures where you are may not even be close to balmy as of yet – rest assured that Spring is on the way – and be sure to enter our Spring Contests for your chance to get some ProMarine Epoxy Resin on us…

After a cold winter almost everywhere in our nation, our thoughts turn to the Spring thaw, buds on trees, and flowers soon to be blooming in the sun. This annual cycle of rejuvenation effects not only the flora and fauna of Mother Nature, but also ourselves. As we come out of our own winter “hibernation” with newfound verve, often our thoughts and energies lead to creative outlets – like Epoxy Resin Arts & Crafts!

In this issue of our Quarterly Newsletter, we’re highlighting the success you, our Epoxy Pros are having, in some recent Success Stories. Plus, we’re featuring some project ideas in our latest Guides, and be sure not to miss the our Spring Contests (details below).

In this Issue:

  • Ideas, Inspirations & Infotainment – Recent Epoxy Pro Guides
  • Success Stories – See How Other Epoxy Pros are Thriving
  • Spring Contests – Share Your Epoxy Resin Project

Ideas, Inspirations & Infotainment – Recent Epoxy Pro Guides

As many of you know, we try to highlight new and interesting ways to use epoxy resin in both artistic and practical ways. From artwork and crafting to home and office DIY projects; epoxy resin makes a great creative material and tool to get those “honey-do” tasks completed. Some of our recent Guides:

Success Story Spotlight – See How Other Epoxy Pros are Thriving

We continue to work with our Epoxy Pros learning about their creations and hearing their inspirations and ideas! We’ll keep posting their Success Stories on our website – some recent highlights include:

  • Alicia Taylor River Tables – “One of the pieces I created for myself is a coffee table depicting a whale breaching out of the deep blue sea! I love the way that the material allows me the ability to highlight different aspects of the scene using glossy resin and colored pigments – it makes for a very dynamic look.” ~ Alicia Taylor
  • Lenny Burkhardt River Tables – “I was meant to do this. This is such a therapeutic process for me – I’m loving building the tables and the business and seeing it all grow!” ~ Lenny Burkhardt
  • Jill’s Unique Creations – “Repurposing tables into a one-of-a-kind furnishing is very rewarding – both for me and the customers. I love creating captivating pieces that are both decorative and functional! As I like to say, “Making the Old – New!” ~ Jill Goden

Spring Contests – Current & Upcoming

  • March Madness ContestShare your unusual “Break the Mold” epoxy resin project
  • April Fool’s Contest – Tell us about a “Just for Fun” outrageous craft project

Share HERE

We’ll be accepting contest entries throughout the month specified above. Entries should contain about 100 words of descriptive text and appropriate project images. ProMarine Supplies will select five winners from each contest to receive promotional item(s) – see details in email. Winners will be announced via email and posted on our website.

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