An admired technique in the epoxy resin art community is the ability to create natural, lifelike waves out of colored epoxy. The skills needed to create resin ocean art can also be applied to a variety of mediums, allowing you to design distinctive pieces that suit your style and needs. Everything from epoxy resin ocean

Make a Splash with Ocean Resin Art

Today, we’re serving up the greatest hits with a tutorial on how to make your own CD art mosaic tray. This project is perfect if you have a stack of old CDs that you’re looking to get rid of. We are going to be cutting up these CDs for this art piece, so double-check that

DIY CD Art Mosaic Tray: The Greatest Hits

A Guide to Encasing Flowers in Resin Not all of us live in an environment in which our favorite flowers grow year-round. Whether you’re a gardener or are perhaps looking for a way to preserve those flowers for safekeeping or to brighten up your décor, you could consider preserving flowers in resin. Both dried and

A Guide to Encasing Flowers in Resin

What is a Hand Casting Kit Used for? Looking to make and preserve memories that will last a lifetime? ProMarine Supplies has your back with our newest product! As of September 13th, we have introduced our own Hand Casting Kit. Safeguard precious moments in time by creating a replica of you and your loved ones’

In One’s Image: DIY Hand Casting Kit

How to Make Resin Coasters Resin has endless applications when it comes to craft or DIY projects and many people have wondered how to make resin art of all kinds! One excellent way to create a custom (and practical!) gift for friends and family, and practice your DIY resin art skills, is to make them

How to Make Resin Art Coasters

Epoxy resin has played a role in the creation of pieces that are both practical and artful, and today’s topic is no exception. Trays, serving boards, and charcuterie boards offer simple, useful, and approachable ways to employ and experiment with resin products. You can create yours from scratch using resin tray molds or even spruce

Serving Up Style with Resin Trays and Serving Boards

Happy Wednesday, epoxy pros! Or should we say Jedi Warriors? With the presence of May the 4th and International Space Day happening this week, our brains are in intergalactic overdrive especially where resin crafts are concerned.
Today, we’re going to be using a few different techniques to create a Star Wars themed resin encapsulation. We’ll be […]

May the 4th Be With You: A Star Wars Craft Day

We all know that when it comes to entertaining, whether for the everyday celebration or the holiday season, that the perfect table display is key. More than anything, the perfect coaster can serve as a beautiful, and practical decorative element, and even a great gift for friends and family!
These coasters that we’re going to talk […]

3D Resin Flower Coaster Tutorial

The time for spring has come and with today’s project, we’re looking to celebrate the sun with a resin suncatcher. Made from a variety of materials over time, suncatchers are a dazzling addition to any home décor and a customizable resin project from start to finish.Let’s Make a DIY Suncatcher with ResinProject Needs:ProMarine Supplies ProArt […]

How to Make Your Own Resin Suncatcher with Flowers!

It’s never too late to find ways to organize your workspace or liven it up a little. Today, we’ll walk you through three simple epoxy resin projects that will elevate your desk décor, making the space feel truly like your own. Because these are basic projects that you can complete with pre-purchased molds found online, […]

How to Make 3 Resin Decor Projects to Liven up Your Office

We’ve talked about geode art a lot in the past, particularly the basics and how to apply this technique to other projects like mirrors. We wanted to take these techniques even a step further with a project that uses resin on larger pieces, like furniture.
Using epoxy resin with furniture may seem like an intimidating task, […]

Let’s Rock and Roll with a Resin Geode Coffee Table

Sometimes, the perfect piece of furniture doesn’t exist…so why not make it yourself? We don’t necessarily mean pulling out all the power tools at your disposal. In fact, we think it’s just as impactful (and maybe a little less intimidating) to customize an existing piece of furniture with epoxy resin.
Epoxy resin not only plays an […]

From Drab to Fab: An Epoxy Resin End Table Makeover

In the past, we’ve talked about how to epoxy your own tumbler and the truly creative things you can do to liven up these accessories. Today, we’re staying on the tumbler train while also trying something a little different for this guide.
Especially useful for maintaining the preferred temperature of your beverage of choice, there are […]

Wine a Little, Laugh a Lot With Your Own Glitter Wine Tumbler

The moon in all of its eight stages has always been a captivating sight in the night sky, even among a sky of seemingly infinite stars. Maybe you’re a stargazer, an adorer of astronomy, or you just appreciate the ethereal aesthetic of this celestial body. Either way, we’ve got just the project for you!
This week, […]

Land Among the Stars with Your Own Crescent Moon Wall Shelf

Every day, crafters and DIYers are experimenting with resin to create a variety of unique and awe-inspiring techniques to implement. Today, we are going to talk about one such technique: creating whimsical, colorful coasters using alcohol inks via the petri dish effect.What the Petri Dish Resin Effect?
The main working component in the petri dish effect […]

How to Make Resin Petri Dish Coasters

The saying goes, “See a penny, pick it up; all day long, you’ll have good luck.” Though many of us are familiar with the saying, it is only one of the variations of that particular pearl of wisdom that exists. Along that line of superstition, each of the two sides of a penny is said […]

You’ll Have Good Luck: The Resin Penny Table

Recently, you may remember us talking about
geode resin art. Well, today we wanted to share with you an exciting DIY walkthrough that gives you the opportunity to use geode art skills and techniques! Looking for a unique piece of artwork that dazzles anyone who strolls by? Then why not join us as we tackle […]

The Fairest of Them All: Geode Resin Art Mirror

With a range of holidays on the horizon, you may be looking for a way to take your confectionary displays to the next level. Once again, we can turn to epoxy resin when we’re aiming for something creative and inspiring in our lives. Today, let’s talk about cake.
Or, more precisely, cake display stands. If decorating […]

DIY Cake Stands For Any Occasion

Cell phones are a huge part of our lives; this has become an indisputable fact. The accessories we decorate them with have been and will always continue to be a unique and functional way to express ourselves. And we believe that the ultimate form of self-expression comes with the opportunity to create something of your […]

How to Make Your Own DIY Phone Grips

What is Resin Wall Art?
Epoxy resin is a wonderful crafting material you can use to let you imagination run wild. One its common but no less stunning, creative applications involves coloring and pouring resin on a canvas to create wall art. Resin wall art plays with color and texture to allow crafters to paint inspiring […]

How to Make Epoxy Resin Wall Art

How to Epoxy a Tumbler
Looking to shine with a custom-made accessory at your side? With our epoxy resin products, you can craft the tumbler of your dreams! To start, here are the tools you’ll need:

A tumbler
A tumbler turner
Isopropyl alcohol
Stirring sticks
ProArt Epoxy Kit (our tumbler epoxy choice!)
Utility measuring cups
Spray paint
Safety goggles or glasses (make sure you wear […]

How to Epoxy a Tumbler

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