Epoxy Resin and a Good Book “A book,” Stephen King once said, “is a uniquely portable magic.” We share this quote because who could argue with it? After all, through their words, books take us to so many places with their words—fantastical places that exist only in our imaginations. If like us, you enjoy the

Epoxy Resin Bookmarks, Bookends, and More!

Epoxy Resin Placemats & Coasters We set our table for dinner guests a few different ways depending upon how formal the occasion. A tablecloth for a nice sit-down dinner, but for more casual affairs, placemats are the way to go. You can of course, find placemats in any number of online and brick-and-mortar stores, but

Epoxy Resin Place Mats

Epoxy resin has played a role in the creation of pieces that are both practical and artful, and today’s topic is no exception. Trays, serving boards, and charcuterie boards offer simple, useful, and approachable ways to employ and experiment with resin products. You can create yours from scratch using resin tray molds or even spruce

Serving Up Style with Resin Trays and Serving Boards

It may be science, but the beauty of witnessing a rainbow in real life seems nothing short of magical. Rainbows, as we know them, are an optical phenomenon associated with the reflection of sunlight through moisture in the air. These reflections conjure up the kaleidoscopic layers of color that we’ve come to recognize.
Although we’ve already […]

7 Lucky Rainbow Resin Crafts for Find-A-Rainbow Day

Slåinte, epoxy pros! The 17th is fast approaching, which means that today, we’ll be taking a look at some common symbolic elements that appear around St. Patrick’s Day and how you can integrate them into your resin crafts. First, let’s briefly dive into some history surrounding the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

Who is St. Patrick?

St. […]

4 Symbols to Inspire Your St. Patty’s Day Crafts

For many of us, winter hasn’t ended, but spring
is on the horizon. While we can’t hit the beach quite yet, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the beach to us. What do we mean by this?
Well, we’ve previously talked about the beloved
resin ocean art technique and more specifically how to apply this technique […]

7 Inspired Ocean Resin Art Furniture Pieces

We’ve been saying for a long time that resin projects can both look good and play a practical part in our lives. Take coasters, for instance. They’ve come a pretty long way from their purely practical origins as cardboard beer mats in the 1880’s. This is true for resin coasters, too, as artisans continue to […]

Handmade Resin Coasters Inspiration: From Beer Mats to Beauty

When it comes to creating, discovering your “aha” moment is key for every masterpiece that you dream up. That inspiration can take root from the smallest of details down to the color and shape of an object or the way a leaf floats on the wind—literally anything can serve to fuel that artistic spirit.
While we […]

5 Resin Coffee Tables and the Interior Design Styles They Evoke

The natural beauty of our world is a source of infinite inspiration. For years, artists used Mother Nature to serve as a muse for their most creative endeavors and have not been disappointed. Today, we consider how Mother Nature’s influences can drive us to greater things.We’ve discussed resin ocean art before—how to execute it the […]

10 Bodies of Water We Can Draw Resin Ocean Art Inspiration From

The process of embellishing trees, even evergreens specifically, has been around for hundreds of years. And it never gets old, does it? At ProMarine Supplies, we think that what you use to deck out your tree with is every bit as important as decking the halls; so why not personalize each and every branch by […]

Light Up Your Holiday Tree with Resin Christmas Ornaments

Resin pyramids are in some ways what’s written on the tin; they are resin cast in the 3D shape of a pyramid. However, crafters have elevated this concept far beyond a simple clear resin shape, incorporating objects, glitters, and a variety of colors to make something that stands out as unique. Aside from the shape, […]

More Than A Triangle: Resin Pyramids

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble: DIY Halloween Crafts
Whether you are looking to upgrade your Halloween decor or gift some spooky (or not so spooky) gifts for your loved ones, ProMarine Supplies and our epoxy resin products can help! Time and again, crafters find unique ways to incorporate seasonal items and themes into their artwork. With […]

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble: DIY Halloween Crafts

Geode Resin Art: All That Glitters is GeodeSometimes we find inspiration in something that’s a little more down to earth. This time around, we mean that quite literally, with the dazzling techniques implemented in geode resin art. This crafty crystalline process can be as basic or as complex as you want, mimicking both the spontaneity […]

Geode Resin Art: All That Glitters is Geode

Customize Your Game
We’re approaching autumn and that means (fingers crossed!), chilly winds and some cooler weather. Now, lower temperatures might equate to more time indoors, but that doesn’t mean that fun is at a standstill­—it could mean more game nights, after all.
A trend we’ve noticed in the epoxy resin crafting community is the customization of […]

Game On: Epoxy Resin Game Boards and Pieces

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