Happiness is Epoxy Resin! Epoxy resin uses generally fall into two camps – those who use the polymer for practical reasons to address a host of DIY projects; and those who employ epoxy resin to explore their creative sides – crafting a variety of artistic objects for their muse and aesthetic pleasure. People from both

Epoxy Excitement – Resin Raves!

An admired technique in the epoxy resin art community is the ability to create natural, lifelike waves out of colored epoxy. The skills needed to create resin ocean art can also be applied to a variety of mediums, allowing you to design distinctive pieces that suit your style and needs. Everything from epoxy resin ocean

Make a Splash with Ocean Resin Art

Today, we’re serving up the greatest hits with a tutorial on how to make your own CD art mosaic tray. This project is perfect if you have a stack of old CDs that you’re looking to get rid of. We are going to be cutting up these CDs for this art piece, so double-check that

DIY CD Art Mosaic Tray: The Greatest Hits

River Table by Lenny Burkhardt Casting Resin Craft Creations… One of the things we’ve noticed in our recent conversations and several Success Stories with many of our Epoxy Pros; is how often they’re creating deep-pour projects. From river tables and other furnishings to decorative encapsulation projects to preserve and display cherished keepsakes and memorabilia; epoxy

Epoxy Resin Casting – How Deep is Your Pour?

Our Resident Epoxy Pro Columnist Answers Some Unusual (tongue-in-cheek) Inquiries… Dear Dr. Resin – I’ve been taking some French cooking classes for several weeks now, and just can’t keep my souffle from falling flat. Do you suppose some epoxy resin would work to hold it in place? Signed, Frazzled Chef Dear Frazzled – While versatile

Ask Dr. Resin – Epoxy Pro Corner

Epoxy Resin Dining Room Table Jill Goden, originally an oil painter by trade, teaches art classes in her community in Florida. Seeking out new challenges and artistic creation, she began working with acrylics on wood, creating a number of decorative custom furnishings including tables as well as kitchen and serving accessories such as Lazy Susan’s,

Epoxy Pro Success Story – Jill’s Unique Creations

Thanks once again to all our Epoxy Pros who shared their projects for our April Fool’s “just for fun” Contest! We love receiving, reviewing and sharing your imaginative and unique creations – highlighting your flair for both whimsical and practical works of art, furnishings and other crafts. Here are this month’s epoxy resin contest winners: 2021

April Fool’s Epoxy Resin Contest Winners

A Father & Son Repair a Dining Room Chair using Epoxy Resin Chairs. A place to sit, relax, work and maybe even catnap depending upon the style of the piece. When in good working order, we hardly give them any thought. But when broken or needing a bit of TLC, that’s when our attention turns

Sonny & Chair

Epoxy Resin Desk Edge Detail by 1728 Designs Epoxy Resin. That wondrous material that starts out as a viscous liquid and transforms into a versatile solid. Used in so many craft projects and DIY/ “honey-do” tasks; epoxy resin has become a reliable creative and practical tool for artisans, craftspeople and handymen – to tackle everything

Epoxy Pro Guide – That’s Resin Enough for Me

“The Whole is More than the Sum of its Parts.” – Aristotle A great many composites, fillers and fibers may be added to epoxy resin to facilitate a number of enhanced properties. Carbon fiber reinforced polymers for instance, are widely used in sporting equipment and other high-tech manufacturing sectors such as the aircraft industry, to

Epoxy Resin Additives – for Even Better Performance & Versatility

Versatile Epoxy Resin Serves a Variety of Uses There are a few things in life that aren’t specific to one purpose only: for instance, Swiss Army Knives like the one pictured above. But by and large, the old adage “the right tool for the job” still holds true. Not so for epoxy resin. This material

Multi-Purpose Epoxy Resin – Bonding, Sealing & Protecting

Fall-ing into Crafting… Autumn. The colors. The cooler weather. The coming of the holidays. After the heat of summer, autumn is a welcome traveler. And it makes a great time for craft projects both for décor and gift giving. Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner – and provide so many opportunities for artisans

Epoxy Resin Autumn Projects

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