Epoxy Resin Longboards by Cedar Woodworking

Epoxy Resin Longboards

The words ‘epoxy resin’ bring to mind thoughts of strength and creativity to many. For a young craftsman; working with epoxy resin advanced a hobby into a beloved career.

Many artisans develop their love of crafting as children. For Nathan Sterns, his time spent working with his father in their Alaska garage during his formative years making wooden furniture; instilled in him the satisfaction of working with his hands and creating items of quality craftsmanship.

At the age of 18, after his ‘apprenticeship’ with his father, Nathan joined the Coast Guard – finding himself stationed in sunny Oldsmar, Florida; where serendipity played a part in his life once again…

The shores of Southwest Florida are awash with beaches – as well as pedestrian traffic. People use a variety of modes of transportation to get around including bicycles, roller blades and long boards (essentially large skate boards) – where Nathan found his niche.

Epoxy Resin Longboards

Nathan started his business, Cedar Woodworking, initially to create one-of-a-kind wood and resin longboards for a discerning outdoor clientele. His boards are all handcrafted and each is unique – presenting artistic expressions both for him and his clients. His clients rave about his creations online – appreciating both the quality and style of his craft.

When searching for epoxy resin for his manufacturing, Nathan found ProMarine Supplies online and was impressed by the combination of high-quality coupled with sensible pricing. He quickly became not only a customer of the firm and its polymer – but also a fan.

Epoxy Resin Longboards by Cedar Woodworking

Cedar Woodworking’s success in longboards has led to expansion into other lines of epoxy-resin manufacturing. Currently the business builds tables and other furnishings for residential and business use, and will construct custom epoxy resin counter and table top build-outs in retail establishments such as bars and restaurants.

For more information about Nathan Sterns and Cedar Woodworking, visit his Facebook or Instagram pages.

ProMarine Supplies is happy and proud to have Ambassadors like Nathan – and to have his support! Thank You Nathan for all you do – we wish you and your business every success!

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