Epoxy Resin Bar Tops, Tabletops & More by Key West Bonsai

Epoxy Resin Artist and Entrepreneur Tom Andrews began his foray into Art Resin only a few months ago – in March 2019. But while his experience is relatively new in this venue, his enthusiasm has been growing as quickly as his newfound business, Key West Bonsai.

Tom broke into the epoxy resin crafting world when a local restauranteur asked him to create a custom bar top for his establishment – one that contains 100,000 pennies and 450 imitation Atocha Coins. He discovered and turned to ProMarine Supplies for help…

Epoxy Resin Bar Top by Key West Bonsai

Epoxy Resin Bar Top by Key West Bonsai

Tom was in touch with ProMarine’s Customer Service Representatives David and Holly frequently as he learned his craft. “Customer Service at ProMarine is top notch! I never had to retouch my work, because it came out right the first time,” he explains. Happy to help Tom!

Epoxy Resin Sink

Epoxy Resin Sink

After the success of his initial project, in which he also had the help of his brother and a few trusted friends; Tom has launched his artisanal business that combines exotic woods and epoxy resin to create functional art pieces including chairs, tables, sinks, chandeliers and of course – bar tops.

Epoxy Resin Table

Another one of Tom’s passions is introducing other artists and woodworkers to the possibilities and opportunities of working with epoxy resin. “I want people to understand how easy it is to work with epoxy resin in their creations. Especially with the help of your product and customer service team by their side!”

Tom’s enthusiasm and passion are very contagious as he already has a custom order queue of over sixty projects. His creative technique, craftsmanship and attention to detail are in great demand by a growing list of satisfied customers!

We’re very happy for Tom and proud to be a part of his growing business! Cheers!

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