Greetings Epoxy Pros!

We’re pleased to announce the winners of our June Summer Fun Story Contest whose stories appear below:

  • Dale Brumbaugh
  • Donna Norwood
  • Vince Vaden
  • Valery Millar
  • Jen Shallow

We’d like to thank all our Epoxy Pros – and we’ll announce another contest soon – stay tuned…

Epoxy Resin River Table

My in-laws recently enjoyed their 50th Anniversary and as you can imagine it was a trick to figure out a gift. With their poor health, traveling wasn’t an option. The family reflected on how Pops had been wanting for years to fix spaces and bumps in the existing dining room table. That was it! When we all got together the old table was too small anyway and we had recently acquired some beautiful Walnut slabs from a neighbor tree…

So, research began, and an epoxy river style table was born – which required over 9 gallons of your tabletop epoxy. We wanted a see-through piece with a river effect – so in 3 different layers we poured a thin river effect in shades of blue. We used Montana river rock and gold glitter to create additional effects and accidentally produced ripples on the underside around the rounded end in the center pieces.

Most of the family had a hand in the project and the in-laws loved it!

Dale Brumbaugh

Epoxy Resin Table
Epoxy Resin Table

I had this ugly old coffee table, so I decided to get creative with it. Then my daughter wanted the rainbow fish on the side table. It was fun and we enjoyed doing them!

Good Luck to all the entries.

Donna Norwood

Epoxy Resin Table

This is my fun summer project using ProMarine epoxy. I made my boat bar top and floating tiki bar. The boat name is TARA TIKI after my wife.

I have gotten many compliments and recommend your products!

Vince Vaden

Epoxy Resin Vanity

I love your resin. My “addiction” started a little over a year ago when I saw a video about it. I made my first epoxy resin project for my mom. As she likes blue, so I finished her countertop mirror frame and medicine cabinet with resin and spray paint – moving it around with a torch – and it turned out great.

Next, I wanted to redo my bathroom. My brother had some wood that was kind of “worm holey” so he cut me some slabs and I bought a used dresser and did the top with that and just clear resin-ed. I made a mirror and some of the same wood for the medicine cabinet and just clear resin on those. It looks fantastic!

Well now I’m retired and have gotten into acrylic pours but not on canvas. I’m making lazy Susan’s, clocks, coasters, and hot plates. (I think I may have gone a bit overboard, but I can’t seem to stop myself.) I now have a workroom for my projects – but have run out of working room!

Valery Millar

Epoxy Resin Clock

My name’s Jen and I’ve been using ProMarine Epoxy Resin for a little over a year now and this is the best stuff for what I do…

I create a lot of alcohol-ink art and pressed-flower art with my epoxy; but recently I started to make epoxy resin clocks. With my 3rd-grade niece home due to the virus, I figured what a perfect time to teach her to read an analog clock (since they don’t have them in the school). She saw one I made and asked me to make her one – perfect! She can start school in the fall knowing how to tell time and read a clock!

So, to describe this clock and my creative process, I used ProMarine epoxy obviously (lol) – as well as T-Rex alcohol inks in the colors purple, teal, and pink. Additionally, there are some crushed crystal inks from epoxy candy which gives it a nice sparkle. THEN…. the coolest part of the whole clock THE NUMBERS GLOW IN THE DARK! (For the glow I nice bright blue color.) Plus, it has my nieces nickname imbedded in the bottom part of the clock! This is by far one of my favorite pieces.

On a personal note, thank you for taking the time to read my entry. It’s things like art and little giveaways that keep us positive, knowing that we will get through this and come out okay in the end, and hopefully a little kinder.

I also want to thank the customer service team at ProMarine because you guys go above and beyond – so Thank You!

Best wishes,

Jen Shallow

The Craft Draft

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