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Lenore Diamond Robins Creates Abstract Geometric 3D Wall Art

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Rainbow Wedges by Lenore Diamond Robins

Lenore Diamond Robins was pondering about how to succinctly yet descriptively categorize her art while at a gallery show one day. Meanwhile, her supportive husband overheard a man tell his friends, “You’ve got to come see this art in the back – it’s ‘pop art that really pops!’” Lenore has used the phrase ever since…

The transition from healthcare administrator with an MBA from the Wharton School – to Geometric Abstract Artist was an interesting journey for Lenore. Her artistic muse actually began in high school she explained. “I loved geometry. Inspired by geometric shapes led me to create jewelry for family and friends – gifts of precious metals – mostly silver and some gold.”

She took jewelry making classes in high school from a “curmudgeonly instructor who used no student names in class unless he liked you. Then you were called ‘Mabel.’ I was ‘Mabel’ for three years. Geometric shapes always made sense to me, and so I gravitated towards their expression in my art.”

Her career in healthcare started off very satisfyingly but became less so over time. Lenore moved to a new house with “high white walls” that were crying out for artwork. Lenore fell in love with a piece from an internationally known artist, but she and her husband found the $60,000 price tag a bit too steep. So, she decided to try her hand at creating art for the home herself.

She decided to work with wood as she liked the way paint ‘pops’ on the material versus canvas. Initially, a handyman helped her cut the pieces, and over time, she became proficient at the task herself. Her first 8-foot creation hangs in her dining room today. Shortly thereafter, Lenore began experimenting with different finish materials over her painted artwork…

Epoxy Resin Wall Art

Bold with a Twist

“I started out using polyurethane, but it didn’t provide the look I wanted, so I switched to liquid glass, but that yellowed – and really didn’t provide the look I was trying to achieve! Then I tried epoxy resin, and after experimenting with several options – I discovered ProMarine’s Epoxy Resin – the best resin I have ever used! Not only does it give the ‘sheen of glass’ effect to my art, it is also less expensive, and ships for free right to my doorstep – saving me time and money. The finish ‘pops’ just as I say in my adopted tagline!”

Initially, Lenore sold her artwork to encouraging friends, then tried an outdoor market (which she didn’t really think was her target audience); which led her to join an artist group with their own gallery. That’s when the business began to grow into a viable entity. Today, Lenore’s artwork graces the walls of galleries, and is featured in shows, around the globe.

Lenore’s efforts have also expanded to altruistic endeavors as she donates her time and art to charitable fundraising endeavors. Both the Alzheimer’s Association and the Autism Society benefit as she has a personal connection to the former, and the latter sought her out as her Puzzle line of 3D Wall Art resembled their logo, and so began a symbiotic relationship.

When she seeks out galleries to display her art (or conversely, when galleries seek her out), she explains that her artwork is all original – she doesn’t create copies of even her most popular pieces. She also hastens to add, “Pictures don’t do justice to the artwork – it must be seen in person to fully appreciate both the 3D and glass-like effects. The resin creates a gorgeous finish that must be experienced!”

Epoxy Resin Artistry

One Fish Two Fish

When asked about her muse, she replied, “I see shapes in my head, static shapes, that I want to capture – playing with angles and heights – adding motion and energy! I have a million unrealized shapes and ideas in my head!”

We thank Lenore for her time and enthusiasm in creating this story. And we hope that she’ll get started knocking off that list of ideas post haste!

Visit to see more of Lenore’s original creations.

Read the story as a PDF and see more of Lenore’s art.

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