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As the selection of electric cars continues to grow, consumers appreciate not only the choices being offered, but also the benefits these vehicles provide. According to the Department of Energy, electric vehicles or EVs, are less expensive to maintain and run, as fuel savings are calculated to be about half of conventionally-fueled vehicles. Aside from the savings, electric motors reduce emissions – improving public health while reducing ecological damage – and provide “greater diversity of fuel choices for transportation.”

And, as it seems to in a great many industries and applications, epoxy resin plays an important part in these vehicles as well. EV battery packs are coated with epoxy powder resin that serves multiple purposes including moisture and chemical resistance as well as thermal shock and impact protection. These fast curing “electric resins” are designed to insulate and dissipate heat, may be applied as a resin powder spray or by dipping into a resin fluid bed; providing a protective coating to a wide variety of substrates. (source: Wright Coating Technologies)

Epoxy resins are also used extensively for automotive parts, accessories and body panels providing durability, moisture resistance, improved adhesion to other materials and superior corrosion resistance. Exterior body panels also benefit from these fast-drying and curing coatings through improved protection to minimize daily wear-and-tear damage, and by adding “wet-look” aesthetics. (source: Hexion Chemistry)

DIY Epoxy Resin for Cars

Consumers too, can acquire and apply epoxy resin to address a host of automotive repairs, maintenance and customizations. For everything from parts and body panel repairs, to choosing from a selection of epoxy resin paints, powder finishes and customized graphics; one can truly make the one-of-a-kind vehicle of their dreams (be it electric or not) …

Crafting sites such as feature a variety of epoxy resin automotive decals, badges and stickers for use as decorative accents on wheel center caps, body panels and vehicle windows, providing unlimited ways to personalize one’s ride.

Epoxy resins are applied in the automotive (and other industries as well), as coatings, adhesives and as part of reinforced composite materials with carbon-fiber and fiberglass. The polymer’s excellent electrical insulation and protection properties have led to its ubiquitous use for battery packs and other components in electrical (as well as traditional) vehicles. So, when you need to charge your EV’s batteries – epoxy resin is there to help!

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