Epoxy Resin River Table

River Table by Lenny Burkhardt

Casting Resin Craft Creations…

One of the things we’ve noticed in our recent conversations and several Success Stories with many of our Epoxy Pros; is how often they’re creating deep-pour projects. From river tables and other furnishings to decorative encapsulation projects to preserve and display cherished keepsakes and memorabilia; epoxy resin casting crafts are on the rise!

We’ve also discovered that many of our artisans and crafters that started out using tabletop epoxy resin, have begun integrating casting resin into their artwork. Casting resin’s ability to be “deep poured” provides another dimension in the design and creation of epoxy resin crafts and furnishings. Many Epoxy Pros use casting resin to mold, fill and encapsulate, then apply a finish coat with either tabletop resin or art resin.

River tables are an oft-built furnishing, but many craftspeople put their own spin on the concept – designing other “river” furnishings with colorful epoxy resin highlights such as lamps, bookends and home accessories including cutting and serving boards and trays. Pieces may be built made of layers of casting resin poured into molds, or beautiful pieces of wood made be crafted to receive a unique “river” of casting resin – dyed to suit specific décor is so desired!

Epoxy resin cribbage board

Cribbage Board by Ben Phillips of Imagineering Woodworks

Casting resin may also be used to make a wide variety of figurines, jewelry, coasters, cabinet knobs and more! Almost anything that may be created in a silicone mold (as epoxy resin doesn’t stick to silicone), may be created with casting resin. The material also provides a great way to encapsulate decorative and sentimental keepsakes into paperweights, vases, candy dishes, candle sticks and more – sealing and protecting treasured items for posterity.

Suitable for Framing…

An interesting project that uses a combination of casting and art resin is the creation of an epoxy resin picture frame. Casting resin is poured into mold(s) to form the structure of the frame, then after curing and assembly (if required); art resin is applied to protect the artwork highlighted in the frame. Or, getting back to our “river” theme, a wooden frame may be used featuring the epoxy resin river look for an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room.

Versatile casting resin is a great addition to the epoxy pro toolbox – earning a space beside – and used in conjunction with other epoxy resins, it opens up the creative (and pragmatic) possibilities even more!

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