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Fall-ing into Crafting…

Autumn. The colors. The cooler weather. The coming of the holidays. After the heat of summer, autumn is a welcome traveler. And it makes a great time for craft projects both for décor and gift giving. Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner – and provide so many opportunities for artisans and crafters to create and innovate! And of course, St. Nicks ride isn’t too far beyond that…

One of the many harbingers of autumn, as well as a big attraction in the Northeast in particular, is fall foliage. Aside from the many memories captured and photographs taken – the actual leaves themselves can be a colorful souvenir if artistically preserved. We’ve seen Epoxy Pros create myriad items using autumn leaves including paperweights, decorative sprays, serving trays and other kitchen items encasing leaves like coasters and spoon rests. Or, for that matter, many choose to preserve nature in a scrap book protected by a thin coating of art resin.

After the holidays of autumn, winter begins, and our thoughts turn from colorful leaves to hearty evergreen boughs, trees and wreaths – the branches and greens of which may also be used for artful decorations and preserved for future use with epoxy resin. Placing evergreens in holiday signs and other decorations and encapsulating them in resin makes for a great shared family and friend experience and a lasting memory. Have you noticed that when you unpack holiday decorations, as you unwrap each piece the shared experiences come flooding back?

Other items from nature that may be saved and treasured via epoxy resin creations are flowers. We’ve seen many examples of paperweights and other items of décor holding beautiful flowers – both single stem and floral arrangements – that highlight any room as well as speak to the person’s personality who created or displayed them – often times both! Frequently, flowers are used as accent pieces in a variety of items such as jewelry, picture frames, cabinet and door knobs and more, with the only limitation being one’s imagination.

So, as the weather cools, and maybe drives us back inside a bit more, keep in mind that Home is where the Heart is; and getting together and sharing time with one another is what’s important. And a shared crafting project creates memories and keepsakes that make for fond remembrances. Happy Crafting!

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