Tiger Habitat at the San Diego Zoo

Epoxy Experiences & Resin Realism for Our Animal Friends…

With all that been going on lately – one of my wife’s and my favorite television escapes has become animal shows – mostly on Animal Planet with “The Zoo” and “The Aquarium”, and BBC America with its “Planet Earth’ series. And one of the things that caught our attention (since I’m in the polymer business) is how the keepers and caretakers of all of these wonderful creatures work very diligently to create natural looking and feeling environments for their charges – frequently out of epoxy resin

Zoos today are much more than just places to display animals – they are conservationists. These establishments provide critical care for the injured and sick, protect wildlife from extinction and reintroduce endangered species to the wild. In order to provide animals with the most natural-looking and feeling surroundings possible; zoological architects, designers and engineers design and build realistic habitats using a variety of materials to simulate the living conditions in the wild.

Creating realistic indoor and outdoor environs with epoxy resin

Themed environments for aquariums and zoos that are durable and safe are of paramount importance to ensure the health and well being of aquatic and animal populations. Creating realistic indoor and outdoor environs also provides safe and immersive viewing areas for the public; whose support helps conservation efforts around the globe.

Materials used in zoological and aquatic-themed environments must not only be animal-safe – but also animal-resistant. They must also stand up to extremes in weather conditions and climate changes from freezing and thawing to extreme heat, UV and both salt and fresh-water immersion.

Habitat epoxies for aquariums are used to create a variety of coral species and other underwater displays with lifelike accuracy – and must be certified “Aquarium Safe.” For zoo animals, sculpting epoxies are used to design and build habitat pieces such as trees, vines, bamboo, rocks and more – and must be resistant to impact – as well as sharp claws and teeth!

So maybe the next time you’re viewing animals or aquatic creatures on a screen or in person; you might think about the care, time and effort that goes into making the animals as comfortable as possible – while at the same time affording you a glimpse into their world as with as much realism as possible…

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