Keep Your Epoxy Resin Warm in the Colder Months…

Epoxy Pros, with the colder weather on the way, keeping your epoxy resin flowing means keeping it warm. As you probably already know, this polymer performs at its peak within specific temperature ranges – from 60 to mid-80 degrees F is best. And just as we’ve advised on working with epoxy resin in the summer heat, we show you some tips for winter as well.

When working with epoxy at temperatures outside the ideal range, it becomes too thick and cloudy for proper handling and application. Plus, curing can be an issue as even epoxy hardeners formulated to cure in cooler temps may not ensure dependable bonds and results. The good news is that when epoxy resin sets correctly in the right temperature – it can withstand extreme cold and perform admirably.

So, how does one keep epoxy resin warm during winter transport, application and curing? (The polymer should always be stored at room temperature.) To transport containers of epoxy resin, and for curing smaller parts, a hot box is the answer. Easy and inexpensive to build out of heavy cardboard or wood, then just add a heat lamp or light bulb and a thermometer to monitor temperature. boating enthusiast Capt. Patrick McCrary, explains how he made an inexpensive heat box that he’s “been using for a couple of years now and get excellent results from it.” Capt. McCrary created his epoxy resin heat box out of a heavy cardboard box (such as a computer or piece of furniture was packed), and a 250-watt heat lamp (see below).

epoxy resin hotbox

Capt. Patrick McCrary’s Epoxy Resin Hot Box

“Whether painting, working with epoxies or other resins, there’s often a need to hasten the cure on small parts. With most curing materials, humidity and temperature can play a big role in how fast the cure rate is,” he explains. “Cost of all was probably under $10.00 but has saved me an untold number of hours by cutting the cure rate by as much as 75%.”

For keeping epoxy resin at an ideal temperature range during cold weather transport as well as providing a temperate curing environment for craft or repair items; a DIY hot box can be just the trick. Inexpensive and easy to build – a hot box keeps Epoxy Pros productive and resin ready in the cooler months!

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