Epoxy Resin Dining Room Table

Epoxy Resin Dining Room Table

Jill Goden, originally an oil painter by trade, teaches art classes in her community in Florida. Seeking out new challenges and artistic creation, she began working with acrylics on wood, creating a number of decorative custom furnishings including tables as well as kitchen and serving accessories such as Lazy Susan’s, placemats, coasters, cutting boards and serving trays.

Epoxy Resin Accent Table

Accent Table

As demand turned her hobby into a growing business; Jill created a website offering some of her wares online, “Jill’s Unique Creations – Where Every Project is an Original.” As her enterprise continues to flourish, part of her focus has turned to creating custom furniture and refurbishing existing pieces, as she puts it, “making the old – new.”

Epoxy Resin End Table

End Table

Her venture started in her garage – moved into a workshop – and will be expanding soon into a climate-controlled warehouse and storefront in order to satisfy ever-growing customer demand. Jill will also be launching an ecommerce site in the near future to serve customers online looking for her creative home furnishings and accessories – as well as ideas and contact information for custom pieces.

“Many of my customers like to be part of the creative process,” she explains. “Frequently they’ll have a “tired” or damaged furnishing that they’re thinking of “retiring.” So, they come to me and we discuss how to rejuvenate the item – taking the piece from a potential discard – to a newly refurbished and uniquely handcrafted furnishing that they’ve worked with me to create! The results are incredible!”

Jill found ProMarine’s epoxy resin on Amazon initially, after trying a few others as well. She appreciates ProMarine’s cost vs. viscosity vs. finish proposition, finding the product “very forgiving to work with, with a glass-like, hard-shell finish and excellent leveling properties.” She also likes that the polymer has never yellowed in her experience and is more stable at a wider range of working temperatures.

Epoxy Resin Table

Epoxy Resin Table

Jill’s “artwork” furniture should also be in fine furnishings stores soon as well, as she is in the negotiation process with several stores. “Repurposing tables into a one-of-a-kind furnishing is very rewarding – both for me and the customers. I love creating captivating pieces that are both decorative and functional! As I like to say, “Making the Old – New!”

You can reach Jill at and to see some of her wares, visit her website.

Epoxy Resin Dining Table

Dining Room Table

Epoxy Resin Patio Table

Patio Table

We’d like to thank Jill for her time in creating this story and wish her all the best in her future endeavors!


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