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Another of the great attributes of epoxy resin, aside from the bonding, coating, sealing and hard-shell curing properties; is the polymer’s ability to be creatively colored to accent so many projects.

There are many materials you can use to color epoxy resin – from items found around the house like paints, nail polish and food coloring – to professional tints, dyes and pigments like our ProMica Powder available for purchase online or from hobby or craft stores.

What you use to add color to your epoxy resin projects really depends upon the results you’re seeking and the number of items you’re tinting. For small batches of personal unique hobby items; using almost any coloring that looks good to you will fit the bill. But for artisans creating a number of objets d’art for events, shows or otherwise for purchase – it’s probably best to go with professional pigment powders or dyes to ensure optimal and consistent results.

Another consideration for epoxy resin dyes is color transparency and uniformity. Lighter weight materials will allow more light to pass through your creations while thicker dyes will provide darker coloration and less translucency. It’s a good idea to test-tint a small batch of epoxy resin to ensure the color is what you like.

Homemade vs. Professional Resin Dyes

Tinting Epoxy Resin

Homemade resin dyes made of a variety of substances found around the house may work perfectly well for your creations. These include chalk, ink, acrylic and watercolor paint, eye shadow and nail polish. These should all cure well, however transparency will vary depending upon the material used (and the amount) – so again – test a small amount first.

Pigment Powder

For a larger number of items, you may want to consider purchasing professional dyes or pigment powders to add to epoxy resin. Resin tints come in a rainbow of colors to suit just about anyone’s creative palette. To apply these pigments – mix the epoxy resin first – then add tint as desired until the color and opacity desired is achieved. Then apply or cast the mixture as usual.

Colored Epoxy Resin Ideas & Examples

One of the most popular and beautiful applications of colored epoxy resin is in the crafting of waterfall or river tables tables. These artistic furniture expressions add a decorative touch to any room – and when your guests comment on them, you can say, “Thank you, I made it myself!”

Epoxy Resin River Table by Deep Forest Woodworks

Epoxy Resin River Table by Deep Forest Woodworks

Casting resin objects such as jewelry, coasters, paperweights, napkin holders, picture frames and more is a great way to explore your epoxy resin creativity. Aside from adding color tinting to the resin itself, you can add any number of items like glitter, pieces of glass, and more to create a unique effect. Frequently, epoxy resin crafters and artisans will encase keepsakes and memorabilia in resin – safeguarding these objects as memories that will last forever.

Epoxy Resin Artistry by Paradise Design

Image Courtesy of Paradise Design

Imagination – the Only Limitation

As we, and our epoxy resin customers and ambassadors have found; creating and crafting with this wondrous polymer is only limited by one’s imagination. So, explore your crafting muse and be the artisan you are meant to be!

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