A finished glitter wine tumbler with snowflake glitter for a ProMarine Supplies tutorial.

In the past, we’ve talked about how to epoxy your own tumbler and the truly creative things you can do to liven up these accessories. Today, we’re staying on the tumbler train while also trying something a little different for this guide.

Especially useful for maintaining the preferred temperature of your beverage of choice, there are a variety of insulated tumblers to suit whatever you drink you’d like. For our project, we thought we’d explore decorating a wine tumbler in light of this holiday season. We’re thinking snowflakes and candy canes­—oh, and we’re definitely adding some glitter!

If you’d prefer to follow along with the video by 
@islandbreezeart on Instagram we have that available below:

Here is a list of what you’ll need to get started.

What You Need:

  • Metal wine tumbler
  • ProArt epoxy resin
  • Snowflake glitter
  • Spray paint (whatever colors you want to make your tumbler)
  • Mixing and measuring cups
  • Gloves (It’s important to always wear proper PPE when working with resin)
  • Safety glasses
  • Stir sticks
  • Resin colorants like our Pro Mica Powder
  • Tumbler turner
  • Sheets of plastic to keep your workspace clean
  • Sandpaper (grit of 120)

Let’s Make a Glitter Wine Tumbler

It helps to set up plastic sheets across your workspace to avoid getting epoxy on other surfaces. This way, any stray resin just needs to cure before it can be tossed. For more about proper resin disposal, you can visit 
this page.

Don’t forget to don your safety glasses and gloves in preparation for working with the resin.

To begin, you’re going to want to sand your tumbler with a grit of around 120. This quick process allows for the spray paint that you’ll be using as the backdrop for the resin to adhere much easier to an otherwise smooth surface. Don’t worry about the scratches­­—the coat of the colored epoxy, when applied correctly, will ultimately make the surface of the tumbler even.

Next, take your spray paint colors of choice and apply them. If you’d like, you can choose to section off the top/lip of the tumbler with some tape. This is something we’ve recommended in the past, as well, with our glitter tumbler tutorial, as well.

We decided to make our tumbler duo tone, so we sprayed the top white and the bottom red.

Once the spray paint has been applied and dried, it’s time to mix up the epoxy! In particular, we’ll be using ProMarine Supplies’ ProArt resin in a 1-to-1 (by volume) ratio. If you need any help calculating how much epoxy you’ll use for this project, we have an epoxy calculator that will assist in getting that math out of the way.

When combining the two parts of this epoxy, be sure to mix slowly and with a folding motion, kind of like baking! This will assist in minimizing the number of bubbles that might form during the process. If at any point during the project you find yourself combating bubbles, we also have some tips for 
removing micro bubbles in resin.  

ProMarine Supplies ProArt resin being mixed for a glitter wine tumbler tutorial.

For this tumbler, we’re also adding mica powder and snowflake glitter to achieve the colors that we want and keep the festive spirit! Mix all of this together thoroughly before you begin pouring. Although the image below shows white snowflakes, glitter, and mica powder, we decided later on not to use this particular combination. However, the process is the same for the red mica powder, glitter, and resin layer we add later. 

Mica powder already has a natural luster to it based on its properties, but you’re welcome to add some glitter in as well. We’re using snowflake glitter as mentioned, but finer glitters can also attain a look that not unlike freshly fallen snow on a sunny day.

Snowflake glitter being poured into ProMarine Supplies ProArt resin for a glitter wine tumbler tutorial.

Snowflake glitter, glitter, and ProMarine Supplies ProArt resin being mixed together for a glitter wine tumbler tutorial.

Next, it’s time to put that tumbler turner to work! For those who don’t know, a tumbler turner is an incredibly useful tool. It’s available at many craft stores and helps consistently spin the tumbler so that you can apply an even coat of epoxy resin across the entire surface.

Resin dyed white and mixed with glitter being poured on a spray painted and sanded wine tumbler.

Glitter, red mica powder, and epoxy resin combined and being spread on a spray painted wine tumbler.

Since we spray-painted our wine tumbler with two colors, we’re going to match those colors with our resin. Therefore, we’ll be coating the white spray paint with the white-tinted resin and so on. Take a look at how it turned out!

Now, allow the resin to dry until it’s starting to get tacky. At that point, you can stick larger pieces of glitter (like our gold snowflakes) on top of it. We love the additional dimension and the pop of color that these additional pieces of glitter add to the tumbler overall!

Large pieces of gold snowflake glitter being added to a tacky layer of resin for a custom glitter wine tumbler.

After that, we’re almost done! Once the glitter had been adhered to the tumbler, allow the epoxy resin to cure for the appropriate amount of time in an environment that is free of dust and debris.

Next, we recommend applying a final top coat of the resin. This will seal everything in your piece together and gives works with chunkier bits of glitter a nice smooth surface. Even when you properly mix larger bits of glitter in with the resin, they can sometimes protrude from the mixture after drying. Thus, we use a top coat of resin to smooth everything out. All you need to do is mix up a clear batch of ProArt epoxy and apply it much like you did with the colored epoxy earlier on.

Once the top coat is dry, you’ll have a beautiful shine and your glitter wine tumbler will be complete. Keep it as a gift for yourself or make matching ones for friends and family!

The completed glitter wine tumbler displayed by some pine branches.

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Happy crafting to all!

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