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Epoxy Resin Versatility – That’s What it’s All About

Crafts. Floors. Table & Bar Tops. Marine, Home and Auto Projects. And More. Versatile Epoxy Resin has so many uses – making it such an invaluable tool to use – inside & out.

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Epoxy Resin – Create, Build, Maintain

Artisans and crafters the world over use epoxy resin to express their creativity – making unique artistic pieces for their own collections, as gifts – and available in galleries and shops. Many sell their wares online through a variety of outlets such as Etsy and eBay; making a viable business enterprise from their artistic muse.

From building do-it-yourself (DIY) home and office furnishings, to commercial and industrial construction projects; epoxy resin fits the bill in so many ways. Homeowners craft and restore innovative tables, bars and other pieces into decorative and functional furnishings. And durable long-lasting flooring is created with a hard-shell ‘crystal clear’ finish for use in residences, businesses as well as in commercial and industrial settings.

We all have ‘to-do’ lists (also known as ‘honey-do’ lists) that we partake in to ensure that our belongings and property are in good shape and will last. Proactive and preventative maintenance are essential to avoid bigger issues in the future.

DIY Epoxy Resin Repairs for Durability

One of the many positive attributes about using epoxy resin for projects is its long-lasting durability. And, when surfaces coated and sealed with this polymer do begin to show some wear, they may be buffed to restore the finish from minor abrasions; and any chips or scratches may be sanded, cleaned and refilled – keeping these surfaces looking shiny and new.

Epoxy resin may also be applied to repair a wide variety of wooden (or other) structures as it bonds to so many ‘substrates’ (wood, metal, plastics and more) – to fill, seal and coat with a weatherproof and paintable surface. It’s no wonder so many depend upon this versatile polymer – keeping it as an essential part of their toolboxes.

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