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Optimal Crafting Results when the Weather Turns Colder…

As the weather turns colder but the approaching holiday season warms our hearts; crafting gifts for loved ones means ensuring that the temperature of our epoxy resin mustn’t be too cold! When working with resin, proper temperature is important for a number of factors; resin that is too cold will won’t cure properly and will be harder with which to work. Conversely, when resin gets too warm, working time is shortened and curing happens too quickly…

Optimally, epoxy resin is stored and used at “room” temperature – between 75-85 degrees F (24-30 degrees C). Cold resin is thicker, cloudy and will have the consistency of taffy – neither pouring nor manipulating consistently. It will lose its self-leveling property and the bubbles that appear may be next to impossible to remove via torch or heat gun.

The temperature of cold resin may be easily raised by placing the bottles (but not submerging them) in a warm-water bath. Resin and hardener should be warmed before mixing, and the caps should remain on the bottles to ensure no water enters – as this too will cloud the mixture. After 15 minutes or so, the bottles may be removed from the bath and dried thoroughly – again so water doesn’t find its way into the mixture.

Room temperature should remain consistent throughout the processes of mixing, pouring, working and curing resin to ensure the best results. Humidity too, affects epoxy resin, but is usually not an issue in the colder climes of winter months. Curing your epoxy-resin project in an environment of consistent temperature and humidity for 72 hours helps ensure optimal results!

The proper handling and storage of epoxy resin helps lead to personal safety for you, and longest shelf life for the material. Unused epoxy resin will last for months if capped, kept in the original containers, and stored at room temperature. (Fluctuations in temperature will adversely affect the longevity and performance of the material.)

This may seem like a lot of guidelines for the use and handling of epoxy resin, but as our Epoxy Pros know (that’s what we call our customers), this all becomes second nature pretty quickly! And in no time, you’ll be creatively crafting artwork and gifts for yourself and others – Happy Holidays!

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