The completed geode resin art mirror by @islandbreezeart on Instagram.

Recently, you may remember us talking about
geode resin art. Well, today we wanted to share with you an exciting DIY walkthrough that gives you the opportunity to use geode art skills and techniques! Looking for a unique piece of artwork that dazzles anyone who strolls by? Then why not join us as we tackle our geode mirror project.

Follow along as we guide you through making your own one-of-a-kind customizable geode art mirror. If you’d rather watch a video on the process, you can view it below. 

Here’s what you need to get started!

What Will You Need?

There are several basic supplies that you will need for any geode mirror project—and some that vary depending on your vision. Overall, here’s a good list to start:

  • ProMarine Supplies Table Top Epoxy Resin
  • Mixing cups
  • Stir sticks
  • Dyes or colorants like Pro Mica Powder
  • Pre-purchased mirror base
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Larger crystal pieces (which you can also cast on your own or buy)
  • Crystal molds (if you’re casting your own)
  • Smaller bulk crystals or stones
  • Glitter (if you want to add lines of glitter resin)
  • POSCA paint markers

How to Make a Geode Mirror

Gather all your supplies and set them up nearby. Take your pre-purchased mirror and flip it around. On the back, you’ll want to want to set up tape around the edges to prevent bleed-over from the front. Once you finish, you can cut off any excess with an X-Acto knife or scissors.

Then, you can flip your mirror back over.

Before you get to your epoxy, it’s a fantastic idea to clean off the surface of your mirror with some isopropyl alcohol. That way, you have a smooth surface to work with.

Next, you’ll want to mix your epoxy. ProMarine Supplies Table Top Epoxy is a one-to-one by volume formula, so you combine one part Side A and one part Side B. Mix carefully together with a flat stir stick, and scrape the sides and bottom. You want to avoid introducing as much air to the mixture as possible to prevent more bubbles down the line. Additionally, you want the mixture thoroughly combined, without any swirls or striations.

Epoxy resin being mixed together to create geode resin art for a mirror.

There are a few different approaches to how you can start decorating. You can mix crystal pieces with clear or colored resin and arrange them how you’d like. You can wait to put the crystals on until after you have poured your resin layers. For this instance, we’ll follow the first example.

Once mixed, you divide your epoxy resin among the colors you’re using. Use a cup for each different color, and thoroughly mix in whatever colorant you purchased. Our 
Pro Mica Powder would work great! This process is applicable for both casting your own resin crystals, if you plan on making your own, or for creating the colored resin you plan on pouring.

When mixing color, remember that a little of the colorant goes a long way. You ultimately don’t want your colorant to make up more than 5% of your mixture. Additional coloring tips can be found on our
Tinting Epoxy Resin blog post.

Bouncing back to the subject of crystals, there are various molds you can purchase online. Make sure with any crystals you cast, you allow them to be fully cured before applying them to the mirror.

Then it’s time to get to work! Group your resin and crystal concoction on the surface as shown above. Mix additional smaller crystal and stone pieces with resin to place around the larger crystals. You can use utensils like popsicle sticks to carefully arrange them.

@islandbreezeart on Instagram applying white resin to their geode resin art mirror.

The next part involves mixing epoxy and adding colors. You want to try to create the different lines that simulate the natural layers of geodes. A lot of crafters mix glitter with resin and pour thin lines of that throughout their piece as well. Either way, most creators try to mimic multiple layers of color and texture around the groups of adhered crystals.

@islandbreezeart on Instagram applying white resin to their geode art mirror.

When you’ve finished pouring your lines, use a blow torch to get rid of the bubbles. Always be mindful when using a blow torch. Hold it several inches away from the resin and then move it around as it is activated. Never leave it in one spot for too long.

You can also use a heat gun to blow the resin around and create more movement and waves in the lines.

Someone using a heat gun to push around different colored layers of resin and make waves.

After that’s done, you need to leave it to cure. When the resin has cured, you can use a paint marker to create additional thin layers in accent colors.

@islandbreezeart on Instagram using POSCA markers to create gold lines in their geode mirror art.

Resin layers, POSCA marker lines, and resin crystals coming together to make geode resin art.

For this guide, the crafter also added some gold foil for an extra shine. Use a paintbrush dipped in resin to delicately apply the pieces in a way that speaks to you.

Someone applying gold foil to their resin geode mirror with a paintbrush.

Once you allow everything to cure and dry fully, your work is complete! Hang it up in your home to show it off, or gift it to friends or family!

The completed gold and turquoise resin geode mirror by @islandbreezeart.

Geode Mirror Inspiration

We hope you’ll take inspiration from some of the wonderful works of ProMarine Supplies customers that we get to see everyday. Follow our
Instagram for more inspiring creations!

Gold, silver, and white, resin geode art mirror by @amandalukearts on Instagram.

The gold and silver accents on this geode mirror by 
@amandalukearts are glitzy and glamorous!

Silver geode mirror by @heartshapedartisan on Instagram.

The shine on this glittering piece by 
@heartshapedartisan definitely reminds us of rock candy—and we aren’t mad about it!

The process images we used for this blog post were all the result of a video project by 
@islandbreezeart. We think the end product really sparkles!

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As always, happy crafting!

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