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The Artisan Renaissance Began Long before Epoxy Resin

Time. Seems like we’re often waiting for some of it to pass to get to the next thing. But some things won’t be rushed. Like mastering a craft for instance. And putting the time in to develop the skills of proficiency and reap the results can be its own reward…

One of the cover stories in a recent issue of Smithsonian Magazine, ‘Making the Nation’ by Glenn Adamson is about the craft renaissance of today that began in this country in the 19th century. While we here at ProMarine Supplies focus on epoxy resin crafts, there are boundless other materials and methods that “cut across social divides and provide a powerful sense of continuity with the past.”

Many of our Epoxy Pros as we call our customers, once having dabbled in resin crafts; find that they can make a viable business out of their creative efforts. Often, they create a unique piece, be it a river table or resin tumbler, that catches the eye of a friend or family member and find their craftsmanship to be in demand. Turning today’s artisanal endeavors into an ongoing enterprise takes dedication and an entrepreneurial spirit – and the way of life has a unique and interesting history…

The Industrial Revolution, the period of the late 18th to early 19th centuries, gave way to the artisanal movement that followed. Once goods began being easily replicated via automated methods; the uniqueness of pieces went into decline due to mass production. (Prior to the period, once would be hard pressed to find two identical items as they were handmade.) Standardized goods were produced inexpensively for the masses and artisans were replaced by outsourced workers paid much lower wages.

Subsequently, artisans gave birth to the Arts & Crafts Movement, seeking to realign the focus on individual craftsmanship, and promoting and taking pride in the art of the handcrafted. The movement has evolved from creating simply utilitarian goods, to highlighting decorative aesthetics as well that express the work of the artisan and evoke enthusiasm with consumers.

Today’s purveyors of arts and crafts often balance modern technological techniques and materials with traditional crafting methods. Striving to blend the handcrafted with the realities of keeping a business thriving – is both challenging and rewarding – and everyday Epoxy Pros prove that they are up to the task!

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