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Protect Your Masterpiece with Art Resin

Artisans spend an incredible amount of quality time creating their artwork. And whether your style runs to Rembrandtesque (or you’re the anti-Rembrandt for that matter), protecting your cherished and unique artwork for posterity ensures that it’ll be around to enjoy for years to come. And one of the best ways to safeguard artistic creations is with epoxy resin, as coating and sealing artwork with this polymer gives a resilient finish that doesn’t break like glass, while also protecting against moisture.

For the most part, epoxy resin is the material of choice for artists due to its superior strength, durability, and versatility – as its available as either clear casting or laminating resin. Epoxy is safe to use, as long as contact with skin and eyes is avoided and the work area is properly ventilated when mixing/working with the resin and hardener. Epoxy resin is readily available too – HERE for instance!

Sealing Artwork for Posterity & Protection

When sealing artwork, be sure that the piece is level, as epoxy resin is self-leveling, and you want to avoid pooling and ensure an even coating. Cover your work area with wax paper (epoxy resin will not stick to this) and mix the resin and hardener thoroughly for best results. You’ll find more helpful instructions along with Epoxy Pro Tips and Tricks in our FAQ pages.

Crystal-clear resin-coated paintings are protected for years and do not require picture glass. The hard-shell finish also keeps moisture, dust and grime away from your artistic expressions – so they always look as good as they did the day they were created. And again, unlike picture glass, you don’t have to worry about breakage as epoxy resin bonds to artwork providing a protective layer.

Versatile epoxy resins have been around for decades. Their unique properties make them the perfect polymer for everything to coating the inside of beverage cans and specialty packaging; to a protective coating and sealant on a wide variety of goods including everyday furniture and sporting goods to high-technology and industrial uses such as wind turbines, oil rigging and marine hulls and decks. Isn’t it good to know that your artistic creations are in such good company?

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