Epoxy Resin DIY Home Repair Guide

Epoxy Resin for quick & easy household repairs…

Okay, unlike with scissors, you can run around the house with epoxy resin, (well, just don’t spill any) – to quickly and easily repair and maintain a great many items. I personally have used the polymer to great effect to address a number of pesky issues – you know those things that aren’t major in life – just grains of sand in your shoe…

  • Ever have a nice piece of antique wooden furniture where one of more of the joints needs just a bit of help to remain tightly joined? An antique oak chair that has been passed down to me (and that I had completely restored to original several years ago), developed a loose joint that squeaked. So, I popped out the support, filled the hole with epoxy, and voila! Joint repaired!
  • When we purchased our Florida villa a few years ago (first as a vacation home – now as our primary residence); the good news was that beautiful granite counter tops had been installed in the kitchen. The bad news – we discovered a tiny chip on one edge – hardly noticeable, but right near a couple of drawers so that occasionally you’d catch yourself on it. The answer – epoxy resin as filler and sealer to the rescue!
  • The plastic insert to one of the knobs on our dryer broke. I went online for a replacement – $50.00! So, I repaired it with our favorite polymer – good as new!
  • A large, heavy ceramic vase, a wedding gift, broke into several large pieces during a move. We tried gluing it together first, but moving it to dust, etc. made it come apart again. So, we turned to industrial-strength epoxy resin – and it’s remained in one piece ever since.
  • Upon entering our guest room one day, I noticed the carpet was damp by a dresser near the guest bath wall. After pulling the dresser out and opening a plumbing access panel I discovered a copper pipe was leaking (at the start of a weekend of course). I managed a temporary repair – sealing the weeping pipe with epoxy resin – until I could get a plumber in the following week, and not at double time!

For more ideas on repair and maintenance for furnishings and other items around the house, visit the Epoxy Pro Guides section of our new Resources Menu!

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