Casting Resin

Casting Resin Lamp Lighting the Way

Epoxy Resin. That wondrous substance that is good for so many applications. There are several options to choose from based upon the desired project and results. Recently, we released an art resin called ProArt which artisans and crafters use to create myriad sculptures and wall art as highlighted in this GUIDE.

And this month, we’ve released our new Casting Resin, ProPour! Casting Resin is specially formulated for crafting furniture such as River Tables and encapsulation for items like paperweights and other decorative objects used to store, protect and display treasured memorabilia. There are several advantages to working with casting resin:

  • Thinner Viscosity enabling Thicker Pours
  • Quicker Mixing & Longer Working Times
  • Crystal-clear, High-gloss, Hard-shell Finish
  • Provides Water & Impact Resistance
  • 2:1 Ratio by Volume Mixture (resin to hardener) for Slower Curing
  • Ideal for Deep Pours for River Tables & Encapsulating Objects

Casting Resin Bookend

Casting Resin Bookend Holding Up its End

Imaginative and innovative casting resin project ideas abound! Using deep-pour casting resin and a variety of molds, we’ve seen artisans and “DIYers” craft a number of both aesthetic and useful items. Casting resin makes an ideal material to create colorful layered lamps and bookends that adorn tables and shelves, as well as to decoratively encapsulate mementos protected as forever keepsakes.

Casting Resin River Table

River Desk by 1728 Designs

Many of our Epoxy Pros have been asking about casting resin for a while now – especially those craftsmen who create custom furnishings such as river tables. Applying tinted casting resin to interesting pieces of wood makes the perfect foundation for creative furnishings, accessories, sculpture and wall art (check out another Guide on furnishings for more details).

Epoxy Resin Cutting Board

Epoxy River Art by KHEPOXYART

Epoxy river highlights may be artfully applied in so many ways including clocks, plaques, signs and wall art like the piece pictured above. In addition to wood, casting resin works with and protects a wide variety of other materials as well including metal and most plastics. However, delicate objects should be protected in a layer of 1:1 epoxy resin (tabletop or art resin) before encapsulation in casting resin.

Casting resin is a fun low-cost way to design and construct beautiful pieces of furniture, artwork and decorative accessories. It is a popular choice among artisans and DIY craftsmen for their hobbies and leisure-time activities. The applications and shapes of casting resin are only limited by one’s imagination – so go ahead and cast away!

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