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Hello Epoxy Pros!

Welcome to our Summer Newsletter for 2020! Our theme for this issue is “All Good Things,” the idea being twofold; one, we’re going to focus on the positive, and two, as in the expression that “All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.”

We’ve got plenty of Good Things to announce – and yes, some for which we have all been waiting! So, without further ado – let’s get everyone up to speed…

  • New ProMarine Website – in process
  • ProArt ProMarine Art Resin – coming soon
  • Epoxy Pro Video Library is growing…

New ProMarine Website – in process

As many of you may have noticed, we’ve launched a new website, and are in the process of working out a few kinks. We’re working on a couple of functionality issues as well as uploading additional stories, news, blogs, etc. into our content library. Rest assured, that we’re on top of this and working diligently to create the best possible site experience for you that we can!

We appreciate your patience during this transition!

ProArt Art Resin –Coming Soon…

We’ve been working on the formula, artwork and marketing – and ProArt ProMarine Art Resin is coming soon! ProArt is designed for artwork creation and to seal and protect pieces. Paints, dyes, pigments and tints may be mixed into the polymer for inspired art pours – creating paintings in a freeform fresco style.

ProArt resin may also be used to finish drawings, paintings, photography and other works of art with a protective hard-shell finish. ProMarine’s art resin is a bit thinner than tabletop resin, mixes more quickly, has a longer working time and is easier to manipulate for art projects. Stay tuned for launch news – coming this summer…

Epoxy Pro Video Library is Growing…

Our Video Team has been making great strides in creating new eye-catching pieces demonstrating in a fun and abbreviated form, some “how to” ideas for epoxy resin projects. From making cutting and photo boards as well as a Lazy Susan – to how to do a “dirty pour” – you’ll find instructional and inspiration videos HERE.

P.S. And speaking of upcoming news – we’ve got some exciting things in the queue including a new Casting Resin formula and a line of Resin Dyes! We’re in the process of testing the casting formula, and determining which dye options including colors, bundling and packaging to bring to you! Stay tuned…

ProMarine Supplies

Welcome to the ProMarine Supplies Blog. Here we hope to provide you with inspiration and insight into epoxy resin products, the latest crafting trends, exciting projects, and so much more!

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