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Hello Epoxy Pros…and Happy Holidays!

It’s that magical time of year! Time to rejoice in the Spirit of the Season and be Thankful for all we have!

While 2020 certainly has had its challenges, there are still glad tidings to be had. We’ve decided to make a concerted effort to focus on the positive – tops on our list are you – our Epoxy Pros! To best serve you, we’ve rolled out some new product offerings this year with sales to match; and tried to find intriguing ways to showcase epoxy resin projects and applications in our Blogs, Guides & Success Stories

And we’re not finished as our upcoming New Year Sale will attest! Plus, throughout the remainder of the year and into 2021 – we’ll continue to highlight innovative and imaginative epoxy resin ideas!

In this Issue:

  • Epoxy Pro News – Product Launches!
  • Success Story Spotlight – Applications with Artistry
  • Sales in the New Year for Cost-Effective Crafting – Stay Tuned…

Epoxy Pro News – Product Launches!

Over the past few months, we’ve added two new specialty resins to the ProMarine Family:

ProArt Art Resin – recently released ProArt, was developed for artisans and crafters for artwork creation, sealing and protection. ProArt features:

  • U.V. Resistant Self-leveling Formula
  • Crystal-clear, High-gloss, Hard-shell Finish
  • Superior Impact Strength & Water-Resistant Coating

ProPour Casting Resin – just launched ProPour, is specially formulated for crafting furniture such as River Tables and encapsulation for items like paperweights and other decorative objects used to store, protect and display treasured memorabilia. ProPour casting resin features:

  • Thinner Viscosity enabling Thicker Pours of up to 1.5”
  • Quicker Mixing & Longer Working Times
  • Ideal for Deep Pours for River Tables & Encapsulating Objects

Success Story Spotlight – Applications with Artistry

We’ve had the great fortune to interview some of our Epoxy Pros and hear about their wonderful accomplishments using epoxy resin. We’ve posted their Success Stories on our website – some recent highlights include:

  • River Tables by Deep Forest Wood Works – “I take wooden slabs that may be seen as unusable by others and turn them into custom furnishings and artwork by integrating epoxy resin into the creative process. By building in this way, each piece is unique – the wall art and the furniture – every piece is a work of art!” ~ Jeremy Dennis, Deep Forest Wood Works
  • Military Models by Peter Martinez – “ProMarine’s products are so easy to use – the project came together beautifully,” Peter stated. “The finished model speaks to me and goes to the heart of family. The piece really comes to life – as if it was plucked right out of the ocean – and placed on the table in my office.”
  • Clarinet Clarity by Dan Ciarcia“Many boutique clarinet makers still exist building instruments by hand in much the same way as did the early makers,” Dan explains. I’m proud to be part of this legacy – keeping the time-honored traditions of this great instrument alive!”

Sales in the New Year – for Cost-Effective Crafting

We hope you took advantage of our recent Halloween and Thanksgiving Weekend sales events! And of course, early in the New Year, we’ll be offering some great deals on our entire line of epoxy resins:

Upcoming ProMarine Deals:

  • New Year’s Nirvana Sale Coming in January…

Look for more upcoming sales and contest notices in your email inbox!

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