Epoxy Resin Projects of Passion

Greetings Epoxy Pros!

For our February Contest “Project’s of Passion,” we asked you to share your heartfelt epoxy resin crafts – and you came through! We received many great entries – but finally managed to narrow it down to our five winners:

  • Rebecca Rae Cyphers
  • Sue Coker
  • Len Mandeville
  • Sandy Strachan
  • Julie Penman

Each of these Epoxy Pros will receive a Thank You one-gallon kit of of ProMarine Supplies epoxy resin! And you can enter our current March Madness contest below for your chance to win…

So, without further adieu, the winning epoxy resin project entries:

Amer the Bamboo Seahorse by Rebecca Rae Cyphers

Amer the Bamboo Seahorse by Rebecca Rae Cyphers

I want to submit a recent project of passion.

My friend Amy Warren from Luddington, Michigan is very ill with cancer. She is stage 4. We have renewed a friendship we began at the ages of 5 and 7. We began writing to each other when she received her bad news last summer.

For Christmas, I made her a seahorse to give her thoughts of warm places and to be able to touch it because it has unusual textures. She has it next to her bed and loves to look at it all the time. It has made her feel happy and better.

She is still talking with me and relaying some very deep messages. I am painfully aware of her ongoing pain…

I have named the piece Amer the Bamboo Seahorse, as Amer was my nickname for her all these years….57 years now…

I present to you, Amer the Bamboo Seahorse!

Rebecca Rae Cyphers

Mushu Dungeons & Dragons Dice by Sue Coker

Mushu Dungeons & Dragons Dice by Sue Coker

Hello, I’m really excited about your contest. I recently embarked on my resin journey when I began playing Dungeons and Dragons with my family and discovered my passion for DICE! The geek runs deep in my family. We started playing D and D almost three years ago. Our group is made up of myself, my husband, both daughters and one son- in- law (the Dungeon Master).

Since we started playing, I’ve amassed about 170 sets of dice. I decided to begin making my own sets for myself (of course) and the rest of the group, plus all of our grandkids. It was hard going at first, but I didn’t give up. I have far more successes than failures, so that’s progress.

My latest Project of Passion was a set of dice for my husband. He has a pseudo dragon named Mushu and when I found a beautiful glitter called Mushu it was meant to be. I just recently finished pouring them and I’ve got to say they are pretty awesome. They are still a work in progress as they need to be sanded, polished and inked but I think I have a solid foundation to work with!

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to show you my latest passion.


Sue Coker

Hell on Earth by Len Mandeville

Hell on Earth by Len Mandeville

Relationships may be heaven – or they may be hell – but passion flares either way. We just had to include this entry by Lenny Mandeville, “Hell on Earth” who explains…

“I’ve just begun to get into resin. I’ve been watching many YouTube videos. Maybe that work will have paid off.”


Len Mandeville

Lover’s Candle by Sandy Strachan

Lover’s Candle by Sandy Strachan

I made this lover’s candle holder for someone very special. It consists of two yellow cedar towers burnt using the lichtenberg method and a heart made from curly or (figured) maple. The coating of ProMarine epoxy is the catalyst that holds it all together. Hope you enjoy.

Sandy Strachan

3D Ocean Wave & Beach Scene Bowl by Julie Penman

3D Ocean Wave & Beach Scene Bowl by Julie Penman


My resin Project of Passion Valentine’s Day gift is an epoxy resin, 3D ocean wave and beach scene created in a glass heart shaped bowl. 
My mom is confined to her room and I’m hoping a little piece of the ocean will cheer her up!

Thanks for making one of my favorite epoxies, I love using it!

Julie Penman

Epoxy Resin March Madness Contest…

Thanks again to all our Epoxy Pro Entries! Our next contest, March Madness, is already in progress. This month, we’re looking for entries that “break the mold” a bit. Those unusual, captivating projects with a twist! It might be a unique take on an item, or a colorful presentation – whatever makes the creation eye-catching and a stand out! Send an image of the piece and a few words about your inspiration our way (to: – and we may send some gratis epoxy resin your way (see below)…

March Madness entries will be gladly accepted until midnight EST Wednesday March 31st, 2021. ProMarine Supplies will select five winners who will receive a one-gallon kit of our finest epoxy resin. Winners will be announced via email and posted on our website.

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