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Looking Forward to 2021 with a Revitalized Outlook

Hello Epoxy Pros!

Welcome to the New Year! While it’s certainly been a challenge on several fronts, we’ve made it and it’s time to approach the future with high hopes and a festive spirit! We’ve addressed some of your epoxy resin challenges and requests with newly released specialty products – so let’s delve in – and craft some new creations and make new (and better) memories to look back upon this year…

As we’ve mentioned, you asked for some specialty resins to assist with your epoxy resin projects, and we heard you and responded! In the latter part of last year, we launched two new offerings to help address your artisan and crafting needs…

Our just released casting resin, ProPour, is just the ticket for “deep pours” for crafting furnishings like River Tables and encapsulating keepsakes. And ProArt was released in the fall and is designed to create, seal and protect delicate artwork such as photography, paintings, drawings and other works of art.

One of the many things in which we take pride is in seeking out innovative ways to apply epoxy resin to a wide variety of projects – and highlight these to inspire others to try their hand at creative expression. We get a great many of these ideas from you – our Epoxy Pros! Our video team captures the creative process, and in synopsis form we present these on our Website’s Videos Page. Some recent additions:

  • Make an Epoxy Resin River Table – without Power Tools!
  • Create Epoxy Resin Earrings
  • Design Your Own Wine Caddy & Coasters

Other recently posted videos include demonstrating how to make a marbled clock, one-of-a-kind tumblers, personalized phone cases, custom dog tags for our four-legged friends and a cake stand for your own use or as a great gift. These step-by-step videos are easy to follow tutorials – making artistic creation fun and satisfying! (More detail to come next week in our ‘Part 2’ blog…)

A positive development from last year that we noted, was that people seemed to connect a more often and more deeply. We’ve spoken to many of our Epoxy Pro Customers, and they mentioned to us that it was great having more time for creative expression and sharing it with others. They also remarked upon a greater sense of accomplishment with the increased time – both shared and alone. It is our wish that this year provides more of that sense – along with a much more positive outlook on all fronts!

Happy New Year!

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