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Metal Bath Set Perfect for Epoxy Resin Customization

DIY Decorative & Functional Household Items

There are so many ways to add to the décor and style of your home. Clever DIY accessorizing lets your personality shine through and provides a sense of accomplishment as well as a creative outlet. Designing and creating your own epoxy resin home accessories also means that the color and design scheme you select will be perfectly represented…

Case in point, last year we couldn’t find new bathroom accessories, especially a hand soap dispenser. I don’t mean that we couldn’t find matching pieces or ones that complimented our vanity, we couldn’t locate one that fit the bill at all. After checking local stores and several online sources (where we did find a few designer pieces for outrageous cost), we finally found some simple metal pieces – which of course we had customized with epoxy resin – similar to the way epoxy resin tumblers are created in the video on our site.

Epoxy Resin Home Accessories & Furnishings

Another home accessory that lends itself well to epoxy resin design and protection are magazine racks – frequently located on lanais here in sunny (and humid) Florida. These indoor/outdoor rooms are often a bit more casual than formal living rooms, and many are open air affairs – affected by the elements – at least to some degree. So, furnishings and accessories protected by oh, say, epoxy resin is not only practical, but also provides a “canvas” for decorative pursuits…

Of course, magazine racks are but one of many home pieces that may be designed and crafted to accompany any room in your home. Many of our Epoxy Pro customers build a wide variety of unique and captivating coffee, end, sofa and other occasional tables for their own use, as gifts for friends and family, and often available for purchase as well. Their handcrafted artisanal furnishings reflect a rich spectrum of creative styles – from highlighted river tables to the colorful palettes of tinted epoxy resin poured tabletops.

It’s your home and should reflect your personal sense of taste and style. We’re pleased that we provide a material that gives so many artisan and crafters the means to design and create artwork and furnishings that make a house a home. And we’re so very proud of the responses and shared stories of our Epoxy Pros experiences – please keep them coming:

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