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This amazing artist is Ana Lourdes Robinson Bours. Ana lives in Cd. Obregón, Sonora, México, but is able to have shipments forwarded so she is still able to use her favorite resin.

Ana pursued a marketing degree and worked for 3 years in the family business and when Ana got married a year ago she started working with acrylic painting and discovered resin. Nowadays, Ana sells unique handcrafted service trays, lazy susans, coasters, and so much more!

Ana says working with Pro Marine Supplies Epoxy-Resin is one of her strongest loves because there are so many beautiful colors, designs and things to experiment and learn that are endless! Ana would love for you to check out her artwork- in person or you can stop by to view her work!

Amanda Pratt is best known for Florida themed fluid art highlighting the vibrant color is known to the state beach communities. Her work is created using mixed media including alcohol inks, resin powder, and fluid pigments, seashells, sand, broken glass and more.

Amanda cuts pieces of her fluid art to create intricate collages from multiple prints. In her resin work, she includes natural elements one might find in nature, as nature heavily inspires her work.

You can find her on Instagram: and Facebook:

Birgit Tode was born in Germany, but lived and worked in various countries in her lifetime. Around 2012 she moved to Florida, but Las Vegas had a strong calling for her career and passions around 3 years ago.

Birgit found her way back to art in 2014. She tried watercolor, then acrylic pour and ended up with her true love – resin! Since then, she’s tried almost every technique, material, and style.

She has been using Pro Marine Supplies resin for over a year- she states “It is the right product for my needs.” Her commitment to her talent and Pro Marine Supplies opened up a window of opportunity for her by seating her in ambassadorship with us.

She can’t wait for you to fall in love with all her work on her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Tabathia Smith is the owner of The Adorned Fox, a small business that specializes in creating hand-lettered, southern charm handmade gifts and more. Tabathia is a native of Greenville, South Carolina and is a wife and mom. What started as a fun way to create items for her wedding turned into an outlet of expression that feeds her soul.

Being able to create allows a Tabathia to express herself aside from her roles of wife and mom. When Tabitha is not creating she enjoys drinking coffee, spending time with family and teaching others her love for creating.

View her work on Instagram at:

Aloha everyone! We are Eddie and April. We are a military family traveling the world wherever Uncle Sam needs us. I am an Aircraft Structures guy by trade, so I have always loved to build and repair. April is a Graphic Artist who loves to create.

So in March 2018, we started this little business to see if woodworking was for us and also to try our hand at the small business world. Here we are a year later loving it! The biggest surprise was the amazing people we would meet along the way!

As we travel the world we wanted to stay true to our roots since I am from Mississippi and April is from South Carolina, the name “Carolina Miss” was born. Huge Mahalo for joining us on the journey.

View their work at:

Elena Corradino is a visual artist from the blue ridge valley of East Tennessee. She is best known for her use of bright, divergent colors and unique blend of mixed medias. She is a self-taught painter with 10 years experience.

Elena works mainly with acrylic, inks, and resin, often times combining these methods. Her subject matter changes frequently, as she is highly experimental in her work. Regardless of this, her vibrant contrasts are easily recognizable.

Elena currently teaches workshops locally, runs her online business and live paints during local music events. See what she’s up to at

Garage Therapy Woodworking started in 2013 as my kids started to get older and doing their own things which led me to explore my woodworking curiosity. Our first sale was an Arizona shaped military challenge coin display and 6 years later and many, many displays later we progressively up our capabilities. It is now run by myself, a 24-year active duty USAF member and my talented wife, Tawney who aids in the design and production of our adventure. Visit Garage Therapy Woodworking online:

“My work is an expression of myself and my intuitive feelings. I feel the strongest connections to Galaxies, Oceans, and Rainbows— All of which are rooted in my love for nature. I have moved all over the United States, but most recently I call Seattle area my home. I live here with my lovely boyfriend and our fur babies (cat and dog). I have a background in many styles of art but I have become most well known for my abstract art creations. I began my fluid art journey thinking of this only as a hobby, but Pro Marine’s resin brings such depth and wonders to all my art, it was hard not to get addicted. It’s been less than a year since I opened Cosmix Studio, but all this new color has dramatically changed my life for the better in an indescribable way.” Visit CosmixStudios online

“I was born and raised in Kodiak, Alaska. I joined the military when I turned 19 which landed me here in Tampa Florida working on Helicopters for the US Coast Guard. I am now 25 years old and Married to my beautiful Wife Hailee Sterns and we are currently experiencing a baby boy to be born in September! I grew up learning about carpentry from my dad and I have continued to use my skills to make many furniture pieces. Currently, I have been able to combine epoxy resin and wood together to create longboards, cutting boards, and tables thanks to Pro Marine Supplies!” Nathan Sterns – Cedar Woodworking. View Nathan’s work on instagram:

“I am a rainbow artist that specializes in sprinkles, glitter and ultra cool sensory play items! I try to incorporate lots of colors and unique play ideas in all of my handmade items to create a special experience that will excite and ignite creativity in kids and adults. I live in South Florida where I’m exposed to lots of bright, vibrant colors all the time and I think my work reflects that. My passion is creating fun, stimulating learning environments that will evoke happiness, curiosity, and excitement with fun learning tools.” Visit Happi_Crafts on instagram:

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