Hello Epoxy Pros!

First of all – thank you all for coming through (as always) with so many great epoxy resin experiences! We received so many interesting and innovative projects you shared with us, that once again it was difficult to winnow it down to our five winners. You all created wonderful artistic works, and we may be contacting some of our “runners up” for a possible future Success Story…

So, without further ado – here are the winners of our March Madness Contest…

Epoxy Resin Art by Kayla Toth

Epoxy Resin Art by Kayla Toth

This was my February inspiration piece thanks to ProMarine Art Resin. From the woodworking to placing each and every glass piece, this yellowfin tuna came to life with the glass like finish of ProMarine. I grew up my entire life fishing, so this piece was inspirational and made from the heart! I have been using ProMarine Resin since I began my epoxy art journey just a few months back and I can’t wait to hit the mark to apply as an ambassador!


Kayla Toth

Epoxy Resin Cheeseboard by Elizabeth Sosa

Epoxy Resin Cheeseboard by Elizabeth Sosa

I want to share my March madness project with you guys! It’s a simple yet beautiful and eye-catching tray. I used a large porcelain floor tile to create a cheese tray with alcohol ink on half of the tray and turned the other half into a faux marble tile by using acrylic paint. Then using crystal-clear Tabletop Epoxy Resin, I covered the whole tile with a thick coat of clear epoxy, let it cure overnight then I glued on a smooth polish pair of handles. I added another layer of clear epoxy, and let it cure overnight again. It is a work of passion and the colors are beautiful and eye-catching.

Elizabeth Sosa

Epoxy Resin Memory Art by James & Donna NortonEpoxy Resin Memory Art by James & Donna Norton

Memory Art by James & Donna Norton

This project was a design I made for our granddaughter that lost her child at birth. Everything is made with ProMarine epoxy resin and flowers as well as painted with ProMarine epoxy resin too! This is my passion to create things that inspire inspiration and things that will be cherished for years to come. It was such a blessing to create something so gorgeous and with such deep Feelings for someone that had lost a piece of their life but can cherish the Memory and always love – no matter how many years pass by – they’re always a part of our lives.

James & Donna Norton

Epoxy Resin Artwork by Mary Prescott

Mosaic Glass Tree by Mary Prescott

My mosaics are created by using glass collected during the annual Coastal Clean Up on Cedar Key, FL, where I reside, and from old dump sites on the island. Once cleaned, the broken glass is stored in bins. I simply dig through the glass pieces to find the shape I need for the art piece that I am creating. I do not break or cut the glass to fit the current mosaic. To me, it’s a puzzle to put together from the picture in my head.

Once the design is complete, my husband gives a final proof. (There has been more than once that there was a short circuit between the picture in my mind and what was translated to the mosaic.) I use ProMarine epoxy resin to seal and secure the repurposed glass to the glass of a salvaged window or picture frame that serve as my “canvas.” I have used ProMarine Tabletop for 3 years and just switched to ProArt. After pouring the resin, I use a blow torch to remove the bubbles that are a natural part of using 2-part epoxy resin. After torching, I use a toothpick to coax additional bubbles out from the underside of the glass pieces. There are times, however, when the bubbles act as a compliment to the design and remain as part of the art.

During the Cedar Key Seafood festival one year, an old dear friend summed up my work, purpose, and mission: “Mary, leave it to you to save the planet one broken beer bottle at a time.”

Not sure which contest is more applicable…

Mary Prescott

Epoxy Resin Art by Birgit Tode

Epoxy Resin Art by Birgit Tode

Hi ProMarine Team!

Here’s my entry for the March Madness Contest – unusual and a bit outside the box. I made a “smokehouse” piece, used real ribs (cooked and cleaned) to give the piece a bit more 3d effect. I used modeling paste for the flames. So – flames, smoke and bones. The piece is 10×20 on canvas.


Birgit Tode

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