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Casting Cherished Items in Epoxy Resin for long-lasting Protection & Enjoyment…

Many of us have objects – cherished keepsakes – that we’ve collected to remind us of the good times shared – and quality time spent in the company of others. These items may be fragile, and may lend themselves to a creative and durable expression through the artistic use of epoxy resin…

To begin, collect the objects you’d like to cast in epoxy resin together to see what you have. You’ll need appropriately-sized molds to transform your treasures; which may be obtained at a hobby or craft store. Cast-resin creations may be crafted into a wide variety of objects such as jewelry, paperweights, figurines and many more. The only boundary is the limit of your imagination!

‘Cast Your Treasure in Epoxy Resin,’ expounds on many ideas for creating resin objects for the whole family. “Some items your child might enjoy casting are pieces of colored glass, coins, dead insects or other natural specimens, marbles, leaves, pressed or whole flowers, hardware or parts like nuts and bolts, rocks, seeds, beans, grains, shells, old jewelry or watch parts…as I said, just about anything.”

Crafty Clues for Casting Resin

This article also explains other “crafty clues” like ensuring your molds are clean – as any dust and debris will become a permanent part of your creation; as well as the fact that epoxy resin may be tinted or colored. “You can add dyes or pigments to color your resin casting, but only use those specially formulated for use with polyester casting resin. Dyes are usually transparent and pigments are usually opaque.”

The well-known site wikiHow provides step-by-step instructions on ‘How to Make a Resin Paperweight,’ including how to drill resin to insert a hook for hanging. Also provided is Q&A from other resin crafters, a list of items needed, and tips for best results such as, “Resin cures best in a warm and dry climate. If you live somewhere humid, a room with a dehumidifier may be needed.”

Whether to seal and protect cherished items to keep for yourself – or to give to others as (hopefully cherished) gifts or keepsakes – epoxy resin makes a great way to display and store memorabilia to enjoy today…and tomorrow.

And about those three easy steps when making epoxy resin keepsakes – Collect. Cast. Cherish.

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