The finished red, pink, white, and gold geode coffee table on display holding a tea cup.

We’ve talked about geode art a lot in the past, particularly the basics and how to apply this technique to other projects like mirrors. We wanted to take these techniques even a step further with a project that uses resin on larger pieces, like furniture.

Using epoxy resin with furniture may seem like an intimidating task, but it can be wholly rewarding and less scary when you break it down into steps as today’s project will demonstrate. We will work through the process of creating a geode coffee table.

Let’s take a look at what we’ll need to start this project before we delve into our step-by-step instructions. If you’d rather follow along with the process through a video, we have that available for you below.

Project Needs:

Let’s Make a Geode Coffee Table!

Start by putting on the appropriate safety gear: the safety glasses and gloves. When working with epoxy resin, you’ll also want to ensure that you’re operating in an open space with a lot of ventilation and air flow.

If you’ve never worked with Table Top Epoxy Resin before, it’s commonly measured in a 1:1 by volume ratio, which is listed in the instructions. Familiarize yourself with the product’s instructions before you start to measure everything out.

ProMarine Supplies Table Top Epoxy Resin ready to be used to make a resin geode coffee table.

Measure and combine the two parts of your epoxy resin. When stirring, you’ll want to take several minutes to slowly incorporate the two sides. If you go too fast, you risk introducing air bubbles; too slow and it might remain undermixed.

Table Top epoxy resin being mixed for a DIY geode coffee table.

If you have a specific vision for your geode coffee table, it can help to make a sketch ahead of time, as described in this article. Otherwise, feel free to experiment with your favorite color combinations! We decided on a color palette of white, gold, pink, and red beforehand. For the gold, we chose to give ourselves some options by having a softer and more transparent shade along with a darker one.

Separate out your epoxy into different cups, one for each of the colors you’re going to be using. Then, take whatever dyes or dye powders you like and stir them into the separate cups.

We have an entire article dedicated to coloring tips that address various types of colorants. For now, we’ll focus on one of the most important things to consider: When adding color to resin, it’s best to start out with small amounts of colorants and work your way up. A little really does go a long way, and too much of your dye could ultimately result in your project not curing well.

Pink coloring powder being added to table top resin to help create a DIY geode coffee table.

Now that we’ve assembled and mixed all of our colors, we can think about the pouring process. For our piece, we’re going to begin with white, which will take up most of the space. We didn’t use all of our white resin in the initial pour because we plan on adding thinner lines of it on top of the color once we’ve poured more. This helps add further depth to the colors we’re using.

White resin being poured as the base color for a geode coffee table.

The thing that really makes geode resin art is the layering of multiple colors. This replicates the natural layering of minerals and crystals inside natural geodes. To do this, we pour the resin in wavey lines and align our next color beside the previous waves.

Take a look at how we did this with the first two colors, white and gold. Since this resin is self-leveling, it moves to fill the space it’s given.

White and gold resin poured on a white coffee table surface.

Let’s go ahead and throw our next color on. In this case, we’re using pink! We’ll follow the same lines for pouring as we did before.

Pink, gold, and white resin poured to make a resin geode coffee table.

The pink really brightens up the soft, elegant tones we’ve made with the white and gold. Next, we’re moving on to red. You know the drill!

Multiple colors of resin poured to create a DIY geode coffee table.

We thought it needed a little something more, so we added a layer of the darker gold throughout the middle. Check it out below:

Several colors of resin poured to make a geode coffee table.

And—why not—some more gold accents throughout. You can see how the whole thing really comes to life with every layer that you add.

Many different colors poured on a coffee table surface to create a geode resin coffee table.

Once we’ve finished pouring, we’re going to turn to a trusted resin tool: the heat gun. This heat gun serves a few purposes. First, it’s one of several methods used to remove bubbles in the resin after you pour it. Second, it helps blend the different layers of colors and move the resin around to create more natural flowing lines for our geode coffee table.

A heat gun being used to blend together the different resin layers.

We’re going to add a line of the white epoxy through some of our red portions to dilute the color a bit and create a sense of depth.

White resin being added on top of red layers for a DIY geode coffee table.

We continue using the heat gun to warp the lines of the different layers, resulting in a far more organic blending of colors and a more textured feel.

More texture created in geode resin art for a coffee table.

Then, we added more white lines. Again, these are thin and only show a subtle change, but truly mimic the layers that you can see develop in geodes.

More white resin lines being added to the surface of the DIY geode coffee table.

Finally, we use the heat gun to blend the edges and make more marbled lines in your resin. When you’re satisfied with the way it looks, that’s how you know it’s finished. Here’s how ours turned out!

The final multicolor resin geode coffee table waiting to cure.

We allowed the surface of the table to dry for the amount of time recommended in the product’s instructions. Then, we mixed up another batch of clear table top epoxy resin to pour over the geode art. This will create a smooth and durable layer for the surface of our coffee table.

Once that topcoat dries, we can reassemble the table components and our piece will be complete!

The completed pink, gold, white, and red geode coffee table with a tea cup sitting on it.

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