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We are pleased to announce our January Contest Winners for our promotion New Year – New Epoxy Resin Ideas! We selected the top five ideas, each of whom receives a one-gallon kit of ProMarine Supplies Epoxy Resin. The entries, in their own words and images, are below. Thanks for all who entered, and stay tuned as another contest is on the horizon…

New Year – New Epoxy Resin Ideas…

My name is Angie, I’m a fluid artist. I work with acrylic pours, alcohol ink and resin a lot. Some resin tricks and tips I have for my resin crafts are…

I make pyramids (see picture below) and sometimes it can be difficult to get the perfect pyramid if it isn’t done carefully.

My tips and tricks are:

Spray silicone conditioner in mold, this helps resin from sticking to mold if it over heats.

Only pour 2-2.5 ounces of resin in the pyramid mold at a time.

Use a small Popsicle stick or stick pin to burst the bubble at the tip of the pyramid.

Use your heat gun, not torch when getting rid of bubbles.

After an hour, test the resin to see if it is somewhat hard, pour another layer of resin in mold, this will prevent line impressions in your pyramid.

Epoxy Resin Pyramid

Hi! I have recently used Pro Marine epoxy resin to recover my husbands boat motor cowl (below). We spray painted it black and mixed a blue mica powder with the epoxy to create a deep blue finish. Erin S.

Epoxy Resin Boat Cowl

Hand Forming Epoxy Resin Art Projects can be FUN!

Pick your colors, mix your resin, split into cups and color. You will want to pound on a flat piece of plastic that will be easy to move. After your resin is poured don’t forget to add embellishments if you want. Once the resin has cured for 4-7 hours (depending on temperature) drape over a jar and shape your folds. Leave until Resin is hard and cured. The plastic pulls right off!! And you are left with a beautiful piece of art. Tammy C.

Hand Forming Epoxy Resin Art Projects

One creative way I’ve used Pro Marine epoxy resin was to make 100% custom 1 of a kind 2nd amendment grips! The whole process was new to me and a blast to make. I started making the 6”x4”x4” mold with MDF and Tyvek tape, once lined with Tyvek I applied mold release and waited for it to dry. I began to fill the mold with dried prickly pear cactus skeleton. I created my own colors in separate mixing cups which ended up being a forest green, white pearl, and last was a black pearl. I filled the mold and placed it in my pressure pot overnight. When the resin was cured I ran the blank through the table saw and started hand shaping until I had the correct shape and comfortable feel. Pro Marine has been my main source of epoxy resin supplies for the last 3 years. The product is great and I would love to get your support with other projects down the road. Thank you for your time. Dillon G.

Epoxy Resin Pistol Grips

Epoxy Resin Lego Table by Peter D.

Epoxy Resin Lego Table

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