Pro Marine Supplies started as Pro Marine Repair, a boat repair company, established in 2009, working on projects from minor cosmetic fixes to complete boat restorations. While working on various boat construction projects, we were not 100% satisfied with multiple products we were using and realized how much of a demand there was for high-quality Epoxy Resin and Fiberglass products. We did our research and paired up with a company to manufacture our proprietary line of products. Our products include a non-toxic, Crystal Clear Tabletop Epoxy used not only for tabletops but by many artists for many different uses. We also carry a Laminating Epoxy Resin, Marine Grade Polyester Resin, Pour Foam, and Waxed and Unwaxed Gelcoat for the marine, aerospace, construction and automotive industry.

Although Pro Marine Supplies does carry proprietary products, we are also an authorized reseller of Arjay and West Systems products. 

ProMarine Supplies

Welcome to the ProMarine Supplies Blog. Here we hope to provide you with inspiration and insight into epoxy resin products, the latest crafting trends, exciting projects, and so much more!

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