Epoxy Resin DIY

“Many first-time homebuyers don’t anticipate one of the most rewarding aspects of owning a home. Making improvements, customizing, and tweaking every little detail until it perfectly reflects the vision in your head is an extremely gratifying and engaging process, albeit a slightly overwhelming one. The ideas will start flooding in instantly, and choosing which to prioritize can be stressful. That’s why Redfin reached out to a select group of home improvement experts (including ProMarine Supplies) from New York to Portland. Read on and learn how to create your home improvement roadmap today,” by Mike Cahill, Redfin.

Take Advantage of Epoxy’s Multiple Uses

Epoxy resin may be used for a wide variety of household repairs, maintenance and restoration to bond, fill and coat many surfaces including hardware, ceramics and porcelain, plastics, fiberglass, metal and wood. Use epoxy resin to coat and seal surfaces from moisture for plumbing; repair damaged wood – filling and sealing posts and door and window frames; repair furniture – to fix loose and broken joints; and bond, anchor, repair/reinforce and seal myriad household fasteners, structures and surfaces. – Pro Marine Supplies


ProMarine Supplies

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