Several different types of resin coasters by various artists on Instagram.

We’ve been saying for a long time that resin projects can both look good and play a practical part in our lives. Take coasters, for instance. They’ve come a pretty long way from their purely practical origins as cardboard beer mats in the 1880’s. This is true for resin coasters, too, as artisans continue to experiment and innovate with the variety of tools and tricks available to them.

In a previous post, we discussed how to go about making a few different types of resin coasters and what you need for that task. Today, we wanted to delve into the numerous possibilities for creativity when it comes to crafting your own handmade resin coasters.

All of the different types of resin coasters we’ll be talking about will require a list of varying supplies to make them. We won’t be talking about the specifics of each possible project today, but if you’re interested in a tutorial on a specific type of resin coaster, don’t hesitate to contact us about it.

Without further ado, let’s talk about what’s out there.

Resin Coasters with Unique Shapes and Finishes

It may seem as obvious as changing the color, but you can make a resin coaster virtually any shape you envision. All you need is a coaster mold of that shape. Several different molds can be purchased online, ranging from standard circular coasters to hexagons, stars, flowers, and leaves.

Whether you’re using pigment powders, mica powders, or resin inks, what you color your resin with will change how it looks when cured. For instance, mica powders typically provide a shinier, more metallic finish, while translucency will come from specific types of liquid dyes. There are also other additives, such as glitter or gold and silver flakes, that will add sparkle and depth to any design.

Here are some examples of the different directions you can go in when it comes to planning your resin coaster’s shape and finish:

Coffee cup-shaped handmade resin coaster by @maggicalcreations on Instagram.

@maggicalcreations‘s glamorous coffee cup-shaped resin piece can serve as a coaster or a decorative wall piece.

Fist-shaped handmade resin coasters by @merciamoore on Instagram.

@merciamoore’s black and gold engraved fist coasters make a powerful and pretty statement.

Leaf-shaped handmade resin coasters by @qstreetcollective on Instagram.

@qstreetcollective’s calming colors complement the organic leaf shape of their coasters.

Handmade Resin Coaster Styles

When we say resin coasters incorporate different styles, we mean either the artistic technique or the mediums used to make them. For instance, a well-known and beloved technique is the use of resin and dyes to mimic ocean waves. This concept can be applied on a smaller scale to create your own ocean resin coasters. For more information on how to make resin ocean art on something larger, like a cutting board, visit our post on the subject.

Here’s a fantastic example of a lifelike ocean resin coaster by @art.ansha on Instagram.

Ocean resin coasters by @art.ansha on Instagram.

Another classic duo for resin artisans is the use of resin with wood. Whether it’s through coating a woodworking piece in resin or intermixing the two mediums, numerous works of art have been created from this crafty combination. Here’s an example:


@bigjccustoms’s wood and resin coasters are particularly sleek and stylish!

Many crafters will use liquid and alcohol inks to create dramatic effects for their resin projects, including coasters. You can use a rainbow of colored dyes to imitate a blooming flower’s structure or the unique three-dimensional feel of resin petri art.

Here is an example of mesmerizing floral shapes created by on Instagram:

Blue flower resin ink coasters by on Instagram.

Resin Coaster Encapsulation

Resin encapsulation is the process of encasing an item in epoxy resin. This is done with various objects, such as flowers, stones, shells, figures, and more. Objects like wood may require an extra coat of resin applied beforehand to seal up any holes and decrease the chances of forming bubbles.

As for flowers, you must go through the process of drying them before encapsulation. This also helps reduce the likelihood of bubbles forming in your resin from the remaining moisture found in the flowers. If needed, there are several tried-and-true techniques for removing bubbles from your resin.

Here are some gorgeous coasters that embrace the technique of encapsulation:

Resin flower coasters with bee designs by @resinbymtaylor on Instagram.

We think that @resinbymtaylor’s bright resin flower coasters are bee-utiful!

Shells encased in dark teal resin coasters by @islaluna_co on Instagram.

 @islaluna_co brings a beachy vibe by encapsulating shells in their dark teal resin coasters.

Stones encapsulated in a clear resin coaster by @greatlakes_goddess on Instagram.

@greatlakes_goddess has created what looks like a perfectly contained circle at the bottom of a river, with stones and resin.

Washi Tape Coasters

We recently discovered a type of coaster created with resin that is called a washi tape coaster. This style incorporates the use of resin, dyes, glitter, and washi tape to produce stunning results that are easily customizable for any color palette. The basis for the colors you use typically comes from the patterns and designs on whatever washi tape you purchase.

For those unfamiliar with it, washi tape is a decorative paper tape that is thin and made from natural fibers such as hemp and bamboo. Washi tape can be purchased online in a variety of colorful motifs, which makes it a delightful accent and a source of inspiration in crafting projects.

On that note, we’ve recently started up a program called Resin Crafts Tutorials that allows you to access unique resin project tutorials by simply providing your email. Our second and most recent project highlights what you need to make your own washi tape coaster and provides detailed step-by-step instructions for creating it.

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