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ProMarine Supplies Rides Wave of Continued Growth for Epoxy Resin Products

June 06, 2019 (Sarasota, FL) – As the worldwide market of epoxy resin polymers, molds and supplies continues to expand, ProMarine Supplies, a leading supplier of high-performance epoxy resins for residential, commercial and industrial applications; enjoys successful inroads in several market sectors; most notably in the artisan, tabletop and marine arenas. Factors contributing to this success include:

  • Successful opening and operation of their in-house manufacturing/fulfillment facility
  • Launching of new 521 marine-grade epoxy resin
  • Enthusiastic support & endorsement by customers & brand ambassadors
  • Ongoing interactive marketing campaigns & promotions

Several industrial and technological market drivers and emerging trends internationally continue to expand the growth of the polymer’s position around the globe including:

  • Green energy initiatives contributing to the production of wind turbines – the blades of which in particular are made of resin combined with fiberglass and other fiber-based composites for strength, flexibility and corrosion resistance
  • High demand from the aviation and aerospace industries that use the polymer in the manufacturing of lightweight parts of superior strength and durability
  • Development of innovative environmental-resistant paints and coatings for the high-tech and construction industries

ProMarine Supplies Brand Ambassadors provide feedback to the company, as well as promote innovative ways to leverage epoxy resin in their businesses, hobbies and projects. Rochelle Anderson, for instance, established her firm, Happi Crafts, and its line of craft products for quality family time, based upon ProMarine Supplies polymer, exclaiming that she’s “a ProMarine Supplies customer for life!” and “none of this would be possible without your resin!” Happi Crafts innovative line of creative family craft projects has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show and NBC News.

“The opening of our state-of-the-art facility provides us the means to optimally control our order processing and fulfillment,” explains Jennifer Bonwill, ProMarine Supplies Marketing Manager. “As we expand our offerings and market share and segments, this will ensure that we are best able to continue to meet, and hopefully exceed the high standards of customer satisfaction and service for which we’ve become known.”

ProMarine Supplies is an official retailer of Epoxy Resin products nationwide – focused on serving the needs of epoxy resin artisans, builders, engineers, and do-it-yourselfers – through superior products, service and support.

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