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Who is Shannon Vogel?

Shannon is a resin artist from Lansdale, Pennsylvania, who specializes in making artisan resin dice sets for tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons. In her interview with us, she emphasized the importance of having a sense of community and connecting with other artist groups. In fact, several academics have done studies on the importance of community in learning and state that people learn best in community settings.

One group in particular that she’s a part of is called the Headway Art Collective, which has served as a great place for her to make friends and find support amongst fellow creators.

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How Did Your Journey with Resin Begin?

For Shannon, using resin seemed like a natural progression from her other artistic hobbies such as pour painting and alcohol ink painting. Not only does resin serve as an excellent way to protect the work that’s she’s done with her painting, but Shannon sees the use of resin now as a culmination of the mediums she’s worked on in the past:

“One of the great things about working with resin is that I can coat paintings with it and use my alcohol inks in my resin projects, so everything I’ve been doing in the past few years works well together.”

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What is Your Creative Process Like?

Every artist has a unique way of going about their crafting, including how they seek out inspiration and new ideas. We asked Shannon what her process looks like.

When Shannon is looking for inspiration, she usually hops on Instagram and does some research to learn new techniques. Outside of scrolling online, she will often “browse my large selection of pigments and glitters and pull aside a few I think would go well together. After that, I figure out what I want my dice or art to actually look like and what techniques I’d like to use.”

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What Products Do You Like to Use?

When we asked Shannon about what products she uses for her work, she cited, “I have used both tabletop and artist’s resin” and that she loves “the added UV protection.” As a maker of resin dice, she appreciates how the UV protection helps her maintain the integrity of the colors and designs she creates.

Both ProMarine Supplies Table Top Epoxy Resin and ProArt Epoxy Resin are great products for a variety of applications! One of the biggest differences between the two is ProArt’s added UV resistance that Shannon cited.

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