Artist @leilaparnian on Instagram working on several art pieces.

Who is Leila Parnian?

Today’s Feature Friday shines a spotlight on the talented artist the VP of Parnian Furniture from Scottsdale, Arizona: Leila Parnian. When it comes to her career and her passion, Leila wears many hats. Her artistic endeavors include everything from painting furniture with bar tops to painting mannequins, murals, and more.

Leila is all about empowering the artist in everyone and believes “the most powerful thing she can do is to make people feel without ever saying a word”. Whether she’s in her workspace in Parnian Furniture or working onsite per a client’s request, she takes pride in the unique custom work that she makes.

Another source of pride is her workspace itself, which Leila states she’s “put a lot of love into over the years.” Not only is she able to simultaneously help customers with their interior design needs and create, but she likes that “clients who are shopping for furniture get a glimpse of [her] live painting”.

Multicolor epoxy bar top by @leilaparnian on Instagram.

What Products Do You Like to Use?

It was in 2018, after Leila realized her fondness for fluid art, that her journey with epoxy resin began. While painting a mural for a client in 2019, she was also asked to work on the business’ bar tops as well. When she needed something to seal and protect her beautiful paint work, she found epoxy resin!

When coating her artwork with epoxy resin, Leila says that she appreciates “the ease and forgiveness of 
ProMarine Supplies Table Top Resin”. Indeed, our Table Top epoxy is easy-to-use and helps provide a clear protective coat that allows artists like Leila Parnian and their work to shine.

Multicolor epoxy resin countertop by @leilaparnian on Instagram.

What Inspires You?

It’s Mother Nature herself that serves to inspire Leila in what she creates. In fact, when we asked about artists she pulls inspiration from, she specifically cited, “the color of sunsets, exotic fish, and tropical birds” as big influencers. Without a doubt, you can see such influences in the vibrant fluid artwork she supplies, which are pictured throughout this article.

Glow-in-the-dark epoxy resin table by @leilaparnian on Instagram.

What Advice Do You Have for Others?

Leila’s determination and passion is especially evident in the advice she gives to fellow creators. She encourages them to “Never give up. Take ‘no’ as a speed bump and not a stop sign”. As someone who was told she wouldn’t make it in the artistic fields where her passion lies, Leila encourages individuals of all artistic backgrounds to experience art and the process of creating.

Art and having the opportunity to create is a fundamental part of human existence, whether we’re making music, crafting fashion, or pouring our heart out on a canvas. Art serves as a means in which we navigate and interact with the world around us and will always be integral to human history. It’s clear when we have the opportunity to speak with artists like Leila that creativity continues to remain a crucial form of expression for many.

Whether you’re a long-time artist or trying things out for the first time, what you create is important. Let us help you continue to pursue that creativity! If you use code LeilaP15 at checkout, you’ll get a one-time discount of 15% off of your next order.

To see more of Leila’s work, you can visit her website:

Pursue your passions and keep creating!

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