A large pile of charcuterie boards by j_d_leija on Instagram who is pictured on the left.

Who is @jdwoodcraftdesigns?

Also known on Instagram as j_d_leija, today’s ambitious ambassador is José de Leija. On his website, José refers to himself as “a woodcrafter by chance with a passion for design.” While he’s always been a fan of building and refurbishing furniture, it wasn’t until he received a request from a family member that his hobby was spurred into this passion of “making peoples’ visions into reality”.

His journey toward implementing epoxy resin into his wood crafting doesn’t end there, however. Even after he worked on dozens of charcuterie boards, he didn’t start using epoxy resin until it was recommended to him by a friend.

Many wood and resin charcuterie boards created by j_d_leija on Instagram.

Where Do You Create and What Do You Like to Make?

Nowadays, he tackles each and every unique project request in the ever-developing workspace of his two-car garage, surrounded by an assortment of power tools. Like the dedication he gives to learning new tricks and techniques for his wood crafting trade, José also has plans for expanding his workshop.

More than anything, José enjoys when he has the opportunity to create pieces that involve embedding items in epoxy resin. He’s had the chance to do this numerous times already, encasing things like lights, coffee beans, and figures in cutting board, coffee tables, and more.

A live edge coffee table made by j_d_leija on Instagram.

What Products Do You Like to Use?

When asked what his most used product was, José cited ProMarine Supplies’ Table Top Epoxy Resin. Among its many qualities, he appreciates how often he can layer the epoxy and how friendly it is to use.

Blue resin and wood coasters made by j_d_leija on Instagram.

What Advice Do You Have for Others?

Jose’s drive for improving his creative pursuits is unerring. In fact, when we asked him what advice he would give to other artisans he emphasizes, “Never be satisfied, continue to learn, and never give up if something goes wrong… lastly, do not cut corners.” So, we thought we’d seek insight into how he approaches his artistic growth.

Wood and teal resin pieces created by j_d_leija on Instagram.

How Do You Continue to Grow as an Artist?

Access to the answers to all of our questions seems ever at our fingertips; however, it helps to know where to start on your journey for growth. José seeks knowledge and inspiration from the University of Youtube, but also finds significance in discovering some solutions for yourself. He states he “also believes in pushing the limits at times, by asking myself ‘what would happen if I tried this or made it this way’. Yes, I make a lot of mistakes, but that’s part of growing and developing better techniques.”

The process of learning, trial and error, and discovery is such an important part of creating. We believe it even walks hand-in-hand with the drive to continue to hone one’s craft. Like José, we understand the importance of furthering your knowledge and skills, especially in fields you have a strong passion for.

If you love working with epoxy resin and want to keep improving, you’re going to need the right tools. We can help with that. Use code JDLeija15 to get a one-time discount of 15% off of your next order from ProMarine Supplies.

To see more of José’s work, you can visit his website:

Whatever our endeavors, let’s always continue to grow!

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