Elena Corradino of @elenacorradinoart from Instagram for ProMarine Supplies' April Feature Friday.

Who is Elena Corradino?

This week’s Feature Friday artist is all about pushing past limits, self-imposed or otherwise, in the quest for continual growth! Elena Corradino is a resin creator with an ongoing ambition to work on home décor projects and one of the three talented artists that make up the Epoxy Pro Babes. As someone who has been an artist for her entire life, and previously studied graphic design, Elena took a huge step five years ago to focus her career solely on selling the work that she enjoys creating.

Currently, Elena works out of her home, crafting unique art pieces and commissions for sale and teaching classes in public art spaces. She aspires to have her own dedicated studio one day, where she can further her abilities, and hopes to create custom pieces that she builds from start to finish.

Epoxy resin artwork by @elenacorradinoart on Instagram.

What Inspired You to Work with This Medium?

Elena initially took note of the use of resin in everyday life while previously working in the restaurant scene. At this point, she had already thought about how she wanted to use her artistic capabilities toward functional projects like home decor. Six months into the pursuits of her artistic career, she tried resin and she hasn’t “looked back since.”

Epoxy resin art by @elenacorradinoart on Instagram.

What ProMarine Supplies Product Do You Like?

When asked about her preferred products, Elena responded:

“I think I use tabletop more than anything. It is a tried-and-true product for me. I feel that I have a good understanding of how to use it safely and securely. It behaves the same each time, so I feel like I can rely on it to do its job while I do mine! Consistent results keep me coming back.”

Resin coasters made by @elenacorradinoart on Instagram.

What Would Your Dream Project Be?

For a long time, Elena has been focused on working toward home décor pieces and large-scale art for public spaces. On the topic of home décor, she went on to say, “And home decor is a serious passion. I want to do it all, tiles, countertops, tables… anything that can be coated in resin!”

She dreams of being a part of the process of creating these home décor pieces at every stage, stating, “I would especially love to create custom pieces that I make from start to finish, as in creating a piece of furniture, painting and finishing it and coating with resin to seal. One day I plan to have a workshop where I can do all of these things!”

Circular resin artwork by @elenacorradinoart on Instagram.

What is Your Advice for Someone New?

Elena offered these pieces of advice for aspiring artists while on her own journey, “Listen to your intuition. Looking at what others are doing will only teach you so much. If you want to find your voice you have to experiment!”

Whether you’re finding your voice as an artist or looking to think outside the box with what you create, ProMarine Supplies has got the tools you need to make anything happen. In fact, you can use the one-time code ElenaC15 to get 15% off of your next order to continue, or even start, your artistic endeavors.

Don’t miss your chance to save and don’t forget to share your creations with us on our social media accounts. And check out Elena’s instagram for more of her beautiful resin artwork!

Have fun with what you create, epoxy pros, and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!

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