Happi Crafts – Building Epoxy Resin Creations & Cherished Family Memories

Happi Crafts Epoxy Resin Creations

Rochelle Anderson and her children

Roshelle Anderson began her journey into epoxy resin crafts as many have; being an artisan at heart and finding herself with some free time due to maternity leave, she began crafting unique and unusual creations. After her stress-filled career managing a private airport, epoxy resin crafting was just the circumstance she was seeking – offering a rewarding outlet for her artistic expression – as well as a great business opportunity!

After searching online for constructive activities for herself, and that are beneficial for child development as well, Roshelle discovered that epoxy resin could be a useful tool for both. Her first creation, “Sprinkle Letters,” are a handmade set of decorative lower- and upper-case letters for learning, photography or just to display.

However, the initial epoxy resin product she used experienced severe yellowing. Seeking an answer and a “crystal-clear” solution, she discovered ProMarine Supplies family of epoxy resin products. Now she’s a “ProMarine Supplies customer for life!” which makes us proud. She also explained when asked how we helped her, “wow, well none of this would be possible without your resin!”

Happi Crafts Epoxy Resin Creations

Rochelle Anderson of Happi Crafts

Since her first creation, Roshelle has expanded her family of offerings into dozens of epoxy-resin items – all with the goal of helping herself, and others find, “fun ways to play, learn and build special moments to cherish forever” with their children. As she explains on her website:

“Between work, school and daily duties of being a mommy, most days I wish I just had something readily available to do with my kids that they would also enjoy. Creating lasting memories that my kids will remember forever is so important to me. So is learning.

“Crafting not only strengthens the bond between parent and child, but is also proven to assist with cognitive, social and emotional development. These benefits last a lifetime and are some of the most valuable lessons one can learn. All the while, creating cherished times families will remember most.”

Recently, Roshelle was invited to showcase her newest creation, “Sprinkle Spoons” at a conference called “Dessert Goals.” She was encouraged to highlight these wares at this event after seeing a post for the conference on the OMGDessertGoals Instagramn page – and commenting for the page administrator to “check out her spoons.”

Sprinkle Spoons by Happi Crafts

Sprinkle Spoons by Happi Crafts

Event attendees, including some VIPs from Good Morning America, NBC News and Tastemade, were very excited and eager to acquire Roshelle’s Happi Craft Sprinkle Spoons – many of whom posed with their new trinkets placed in their dessert dishes for selfies in an effort to win “Most Instagramable Dessert.” Others put their spoons in action – devouring their tasty treats – secure in the knowledge that these eye-catching utensils are made from VOC-Free Epoxy Resin that comes with Food-Safe Confirmation from the FDA.

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