Tabletop Epoxy Resin Helps Prepare New Restaurant for Opening

Tabletop Epoxy Resin

It seems that often in life time we either have too much time – like when waiting for something or someone – or we’re on an impending deadline. For Dawn Evans, it was the latter as she was trying to prepare a new dining establishment; and needed 31 tables and two restrooms ready for the grand opening ASAP. So, she turned to her tried-and-true standby material, epoxy resin, to get the job done…

Dawn and her husband are no strangers to the uses and benefits of epoxy resin; but she did her homework regarding the product specifications and required results – which led her to ProMarine Supplies for her polymer needs. Our tabletop resin met her needs both for curing time and food-safe certification – important considerations given the timeline and business.

Epoxy Resin

Tabletop finished with Epoxy Resin

They were a bit skeptical at first, switching to a new material, and wondering how “can a product be this good at such an affordable price?” Their skepticism was unfounded, their nerves calmed, and they were very pleased to find and use such a good product that has led to a successful opening. They even discovered that ProMarine’s product could handle greater weight distribution without showing any signs of denting or warping – more benefits for tables designed for lots of customer use.

Dawn speaks especially highly of the tabletop resin’s quick curing time as she was able to not only meet the tight restaurant opening timeline; but also, was very pleased with the ‘crystal-clear’ finish provided – giving the tables a welcoming sheen. “One of the key features of any dining experience is aesthetics,” enthused Dawn. “And the place looks great in part due to the beautiful tabletops our diners enjoy!”

epoxy resin

Customers enjoying the newly refurbished restaurant

The time and effort Dawn and her husband put into their place of employment really shows. If you find yourself in Ann Arbor, Michigan and in want of a great meal with a view, be sure to visit!

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