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What is Resin Wall Art?

Epoxy resin is a wonderful crafting material you can use to let you imagination run wild. One its common but no less stunning, creative applications involves coloring and pouring resin on a canvas to create wall art. Resin wall art plays with color and texture to allow crafters to paint inspiring works of abstract art to be displayed at home, or perhaps, someday, in a gallery!

If you aspire to create one of these unique pieces of resin artwork, look no further! Our step-by-step guide to pouring epoxy resin artwork will be just what you need to set yourself up for success. Whether you’re looking to create as a hobby, for friends or family, or as a career, we can help.

Some individuals will use colored resin to paint their canvases; however, there is an alternative that allows you to work with the materials a little more easily. Since resin only has so long of a working time, in order to have the opportunity to continue blending colors, it is best to start with acrylics. Pour acrylic paint in the patterns and colors you see fit, and then, once the paint is dry, cover it with a topcoat of our epoxy. We’ll be using this method in the guide and explaining it in further detail!

Creating Your Resin Wall Masterpiece

To begin, here’s what you’ll need:

  • ProMarine’s ProArt Epoxy kit
  • Canvas
  • 2 utility measuring cups
  • Safety glasses (always wear proper Personal Protective Equipment!)
  • Blow torch
  • Gloves
  • Acrylic paints
  • Stirring sticks
  • Flowing medium
  • Rubbing alcohol spray
  • Paint brush
  • Sandpaper
  • Paper or plastic cups

How to Make Resin Art

Before you begin, it may be a good idea to use a cheap plastic shower curtain or something plastic to cover your workspace. After all, things could get a bit messy!

A plastic shower curtain to cover your workspace for How to Make Epoxy Resin Wall Art step 1.

First, take your canvas and cover it with a thin layer of acrylic paint using your paintbrush. Make sure you paint the sides and corners as well.

A canvas covered in a layer of white acrylic paint for How to Make Epoxy Resin Wall Art step 2.

Pour your desired color additives and the proper amount of flow medium into separate cups. Each color you want to use will need its own cup. You can also add a few drops of silicone oil if you’re looking to create a cell-like pattern in your pour! The silicone oil can be added during the mixing process or later on when you are pouring.

A bucket of purple-colored acrylic paint and flow medium for How to Make Epoxy Resin Wall Art step 3.

Combine the mixed acrylic and flow medium using your stir sticks, into a single cup or bucket. You can layer the colors you choose in whatever way speaks to you. Take the time to experiment with color combinations that are of interest to you!

A bucket of combined mixed acrylic and flow medium and layered colors for How to Make Epoxy Resin Wall Art step 4.

Turn the canvas upside down on the cup. Flip the canvas over with the paint cup/bucket still held against the surface. Have a friend help you with any moving if your project is too big for you to move on your own!

Two buckets full of acrylic paint upside down on a white canvas for How to Make Epoxy Resin Wall Art step 5.

Carefully lift the cup using a zigzagging motion to scatter your paint across the canvas.

Buckets of acrylic paint being lifted up to scatter paint across a white canvas for How to Make Epoxy Resin Wall Art step 6.

Tilt the canvas to continue moving the paint around. Feel free to mix up and pour more paint. Whatever colors speak to you, make your vision a reality!

A white canvas being tilted to spread around acrylic paint in How to Make Epoxy Resin Wall Art step 7.

When your inspiration has finished taking form, use the bottom of some cups to lift the canvas off of your work surface.

Here’s where we’ll be looking to the blowtorch. Use it to get rid of any air bubbles that rise to the surface. Don’t forget to keep the flame roughly 8 inches away, and don’t stay in one place with it too long. Always be mindful when using tools like a blowtorch!

Someone using a blowtorch to get rid of bubbles from acrylic paint on canvas for How to Make Epoxy Resin Wall Art step 8.

Polish everything up as needed and then let it dry overnight.

Using Epoxy Resin for Art

The next day, you’ll be sealing everything up with our ProArt Epoxy resin. If you’ve never worked with our products before, we recommend reading over the instructions before you begin. Start by leaving the canvas on the cups and putting on some gloves. Mix the epoxy resin according to the instructions. For ProMarine Supplies’ ProArt Epoxy, you’ll be working with a 1:1 ratio by volume.

A bucket of ProArt Epoxy resin from ProMarine Supplies being mixed for How to Epoxy Wall Art step 1.

Pour the properly mixed resin onto the painted canvas and spread it out evenly.

ProArt epoxy resin from ProMarine Supplies poured and spread across acrylic paint art for How to Epoxy Wall Art part 2.

Once the canvas has been fully covered, use a blowtorch to rid the surface of bubbles. We recommend checking every few minutes and torching until the bubbles no longer appear.

Someone using a blowtorch to get rid of bubbles in epoxy resin for How to Epoxy Wall Art step 3.

Let the resin cure somewhere without dust, at the required temperature, and for the appropriate amount of time.

Your resin painting is now complete and protected by a clear glossy surface that resists moisture, wear-and-tear, and corrosion.

The finished epoxied canvas artwork for How to Epoxy Wall Art step 4.

Resin Art in the World

Resin has been used in therapy through fluid art techniques, allowing for creative exploration and for emotional expression. Art therapy as a practice calls upon a variety of mediums from painting to sculpting. For resin to be involved in a process that provides a healthy emotional and creative outlet as well as a chance for people to explore their creativity and make a business for themselves is such an inspiration!

On the topic of turning your passion into a business, many of Pro Marine Supplies’ Pro customers have seized the chance to do just that! Take a look at some of their epoxy resin art success stories linked below.

We also have the opportunity to see the works of many of our customers on platforms like Instagram. If you’re seeking inspiration, it’s here!

Epoxy wall art by @jspwoodworks on Instagram.

@jspwoodworks is creating magic with this whimsical portal piece, swirling together vibrant colors for a truly unique effect!

Epoxy wall art by @kellire on Instagram.

@kellire‘s wall art shows off how a variety of painting techniques can come together to make something distinct and stylish.

Epoxy wall art by @lightshinejewelry on Instagram.

@lightshinejewelry gives you the chance to preserve memories of all kinds by hanging your photos or pictures on this bright and colorful wall frame!

If you have any questions or comments about creating resin wall art, don’t hesitate to say something to us! You can see the answers to common inquiries on our
FAQs page or send us a message on our Contact Us page. Feel free to also reach out to us on social media, like our Instagram, and tell us about your latest artwork!

In addition, we have multiple videos that can serve as alternative guides to this process.

Happy crafting, everyone!

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