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Epoxy Pro Insider Project Hacks

Maintaining Epoxy Resin Pot Life/Working Time when Tinting Resin

Rather than adding resin tint to already mixed resin and hardener – add pigment to resin first, then add hardener to maximize epoxy resin working time for art, craft and DIY projects.

For Best Results when making an Epoxy Resin Tumbler…

First, wipe down your metal tumbler with isopropyl alcohol to clean the surface, then sand the entire exterior of the cup to ensure the epoxy resin will adhere. Spread protective material on your work surface, spray paint the tumbler, and once dry, place on a cup turner (available from Amazon and other resources like hobby and craft shops), mix ProArt Art Resin, apply to tumbler and let spin for 6 hours.

After initial epoxy resin coat, colorful accents may be added by mixing additional batches of epoxy resin tinted with resin dyes, paints and other pigments. Let your tumbler spin for several hours, add a finish coat with color or glitter, and let spin for another 24 hours. Watch our video for full details!

Seal Rough Wood First for a River Table

For best results when crafting an epoxy resin river table, apply a seal coat over the porous wood surface first with Tabletop Epoxy Resin before making your deep pour flood coat(s) with ProPour Castin Resin. This will seal any pores in the surface and help prevent air bubbles from forming in the casting resin flood coat. BTW, the same principle applies to protect delicate artwork such as paintings, photography, drawings for your art resin masterpieces!

Molding Colorful Epoxy Resin Jewelry

Select your pigments and prepare separate mixing cups of resin tint when creating molded resin jewelry. Small decorative accents like glitter and other colorful bits of shell and glass may also be added to the mix. By having several cups ready at once – you can make a variety of artisan jewelry at once! This process is also described on our video page.

Epoxy Pro FAQ – How can you sell your products for so much less than your competitors?

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