Epoxy Resin Picture Frames & More

Epoxy Resin Picture Frames

Almost any home or office you enter has pictures or other framed artwork reflecting the personality and taste of the person or people who live and work there. And for some, the frames themselves are just as artistic and memorable as the objects they’re surrounding; especially when they’re hand crafted in epoxy resin

Professional artisans and home crafters create myriad, custom picture frames – with designs limited only by the materials at hand – and their imaginations. (For example the “scrapbook” frame shown above.) Items purchased at craft stores designed for projects, as well as memorabilia, keepsakes and other personal objects may all be used to design and create unique artful frame expressions – that then highlight the pieces being framed as well (art within art if you will). And these artistic expressions will last for generations once sealed and protected with a coating of epoxy resin.

Picture frames may be purchased from art or frame stores as a foundation for your creation, or better yet, why not cast your own hand-crafted frame using a variety of molds from sites like Instructions to get you started are readily available online on a number of sites; and you can get your epoxy resin easily delivered to you from us via this LINK.

Aside from creations for your own home or office, hand-crafted gifts for others show your thoughtfulness and caring. Frame designs may express a memorable time together or represent the personality, hobbies or tastes of the giver or recipient – or both! You may even discover a new talent and fruitful hobby for yourself in creating frames for friends and family – and post your own creations on Etsy or eBay!

Another framing option for photos is ‘Resin Cast Photography’ as described in an article by Kit Vogel. “Tired of emptying your pockets to have your photos mounted and framed? The quality, expense and lack of variety at most framing shops can be pretty frustrating. Not only that, putting yourself at the mercy of someone else’s schedule when you’re in a hurry to hang or install a show is stressful. Take matters into your own hands and polish off work by casting photos in crystal clear, UV protective epoxy resin.”

So let Your Creativity Soar – It’s all a Frame of Mind!

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